Torgyn Zhilkishikyzy Tasybekova

Torgyn Zhilkishikyzy Tasybekova

Theater artist


National Artist Republic of Kazakhstan (1991).

Cavalier of the orders "Kurmet" (2011), "Parasat" (2016).

Born in 1938, a native of the village of Yntymak, Ili district, Almaty region.

Graduate of the acting department of the Kurmangazy Conservatory.

In 1961, she was accepted into the cast of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

M. Auezov "Abay" (director A. Mambetov) - Magysh,

Lope de Vega "Dog in the Manger" (director A. Mambetov) - Marcella,

A. Tazhibaev "On the eve of the wedding" (director A. Mambetov) - Aybala,

M. Auezov "Zarnitsa" (director S. Eleusizov) - Marzhan,

M. Auezov "Kara Kipchak Koblandy" (director A. Mambetov) - Kurtka,

M. Auezov "Karagoz" (director A. Madievsky) - Akbala,

S. Mukanov "Shokan Valikhanov" (director M.I. Goldblatt) - Katerina,

A. Pushkin "Little Tragedies" (directed by A.L. Madievsky) - Laura,

M. Frisch "Thoughts about Don Juan" (director A. Mambetov) - Donna Anna,

Sh. Aitmatov "Mother's field" (director A. Mambetov) - Aliman,

Sh. Aitmatov "White steamboat" (director A. Mambetov) - Bekey,

G. Musrepov "Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu" (director A. Mambetov) - Bayan,

M. Kaoru "In the East" (director V. Pusurmanov) - Fumiko,

A. Tazhibaev "Maira" (director B. Omarov) - Aybarsha,

S. Ahmad "Riot of daughters-in-law" (director R. Seitmetov) - Lufti,

M. Bulgakov "The Cabal of the Saints" (director V. Mazhurin) - rival,

N. Gogol "Inspector" (director E. Obaev) - Maria Antonovna,

F. Herve "Mademoiselle Nitush" (director A. Mambetov) - Korina,

T. Akhtanov "Lost Friend" (director A. Mambetov) - Gaini,

B. Rimova "Abay-Aigerim" (director B. Atabaev) - Aigerim,

E. Dombaev "Zhelikken zhengeyler" (director A. Mambetov) - Aymeken,

D. Isabekov "Two meetings in the old house" (director A. Rakhimov) - Zeynep,

R. Mukanova "Angel with a devilish face" (director B. Atabaev) - Katira,

Iran-Gaiyp "Estay-Korlan" (director B. Atabaev) - Korlan,

Shakhimarden "Tomiris" (directed by Tungyshai al-Tarazi) - Yeles,

K. Iskak and Shakhimarden "Kazakhs" (director Tungyshbai al-Tarazi) - Mother,

B. Zhakiev "Do not hurt each other" (director E. Obaev) - an old laughing woman,

A. Chekhov "Three Sisters" (directors R. Andriasyan, A. Kakisheva) - Anfisa.

U. Gadzhibekov "Arshin mal alan" (translated by K. Mukhamedzhanov, director Tungyshbay al-Tarazi) - Zhihan.

Roles in the movies:

“On the Wings of a Song”, “Oasis of Love”, “Karoi”, “Her dombra sounded right”, “Impossible Children”, “Blue Stop”, etc.


Producer: E. Obaev
Author: B. Zhakiev, Translation: A. Sigai