Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy

Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy

Артист театра


National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Commander of the Order "Kurmet", Commander of the Order "Parasat".

Born in Almaty region, village Yntymak on 15 August 1938.

1957 - 1961 graduated from the theater faculty, actor's department of the Kazakh State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

Since 1961, works as an actor of Kazakh State Academy Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Magysh in the tragedy "Abay" by M.Auezov,

Marcella in the play "Dog in the Manger" (Lope de Vega),

Aibala in the performance "On the eve of the wedding" (A. Tazhibayev),

Bianca in "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Othello" by Shakespeare,

Zhansulu in the comedy "Oh, these girls!", "Oh, these guys!" by K. Shangytbaev and K.Baiseitov,

Marzhan in the play "Night peals",

Kurtka in "Koblandy",

Akbala in "Karakoz" by M.Auezov,

Katherine in the play "Chokhan Valikhanov" by S.Mukanov,

Laura in "Little tragedies" by Pushkin,

Donna Anna in "Don Juan, or love to geometry" by M.Frisch,

Aliman in "Ana - Jer Ana",

Beckey in the play "White steamer" by Sh.Aitmatov,

Bayan in "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" by G.Musrepov,

Fumyko in "The Fate of a woman" by M.Kaoru,

Aibarsha in the "Maira" by A.Tazhibaev,

Lufti in "Bunt of daughters-in-law" by S.Ahmad,

Rival in "Cabal of Hypocrites" by Mikhail Bulgakov,

Maria Antonovna in the "The Government Inspector" by Gogol,

Corina in "Mademoiselle Nitouche" by F.Herve,

Gaini in "Lost Friend" by T.Akhtanov,

Aigerim in "Abay - Aigerim" by B.Riomova,

Aimeken in the play "Girls of our class" by E.Dombaev,

Zeynep in "Transit passanger" by D.Isabekov,

Kathira in "Angel with a devilish face" by R.Mukanova,

Khorlan in "Estai - Khorlan" by Iran - Gaiyp,

Yeles /ghost/ in "Tomiris" by Shahimarden,

Mother in "Kazakhs" Shahimarden and K.Iskak,

Woman who always laughs in the drama "To live without causing pain to each other" by B.Zhakiev,

Anfisa in "Three sisters" by A.Chekhov (translated by A. Bopezhanova, dir. R. Andreasyan, A. Kakisheva), and others.

Roles in the movies:

Acted main roles in the movies like «On wings of a song», «Oasis of love», «Karoy», «Her faithful dombra», «Crime children», «Blue bus stop» and others.


Роль: Laughing woman
Роль: Ghost (Fabulous old woman)


Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy Tasybekova Torgyn Zhylkyshykyzy