Бейбарыс сұлтан


Author: R. Otarbayev

Genre: Historic drama

Duration: 2 hour

Hall: Grand hall

Age category: +7

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Sultan al-Zahir Rukn al-Din Baybars (1223 -. 1277 years)was left an orphan at the age of ten, was captured and sold as a slave, but thanks to his personal qualities in a short time made a swift military career and became renowned military commander. Afterwards, took the throne of the ruler, he devoted his life to the formation of a powerful and prosperous state. Having reached heights and glory in a foreign land, in the recesses of his heart he kept the memory of the native Kipchak steppes, causing plaintive nostalgic feeling about the homeland. And it has become a leitmotif of the whole performance. Perhaps knowingly speak national proverb «than being a sultan in a foreign country is better to be outsole at homeland"…

Premiere: June 19, 2013. 

Stage director – Yu. Haninga – Beknazar, Merited figure of RK

Scenic designer – E. Tuyakov, Merited figure of art of RK

Costume Designer – L. Vozzhenikova

Assistant director – A. Satybaldy, Merited figure of RK

Stage manager - А.Kabdeshova

Choreographer - G. Mukhamedzhanova

Sound editor – E. Yesenbaev

The director of stage combat – A. Bailin

“Zhetigen” – E. Kusaiynov

“Er Turan” – Turan

Melody “Egypt”

“Intro” – “Eny time”


“Keroglu” – Turan