Author: W. Shakespeare

Translation: H. Ergaliyev

Genre: Tragedy

Duration: 2 hour

Age category: +7


"Man - exceptionally wonderful creation of nature". His mind is so good, ability is infinite. Different from other its appearance and actions. Why Hamlet, who said that "man - a wonder of nature, the archive of all living" is so been devalued life? "To be or not to be?" - His aphorism applies to today's society, the care of all humanity. Actual topic, questions which raises in the performance, thought-provoking everyone.

Premiere: November 20, 2004. 

Stage - director: Yu. Haninga – Beknazar, Merited figure of the RK

Scenic designer: Е. Tuyakov, Merited figure of arts of the RK

Assistant director: Т. Aralbay, Merited artist of the RK

Composer: Е. Terekhina

Stage - manager: S. Geniyarova


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