Arshin mal alan

Author: U. Hajibekov

Translation: K.Mukhamedzhanov

Genre: Musical

Duration: 2 hour 15 minutes

Age category: +7


The plot is centered on a bachelor man called Asker, who wants to see and choose his bride before marriage. Asker's friend Suleyman suggests him disguising as a fabric peddler, a sure way to meet women. Asker agrees and starts to go round the houses selling fabrics.

Asker finally meets a woman called Gulchohra and both fall in love with each other, even though Asker's actual identity remains unknown to Gulchohra. Asker ultimately asks Gulchohra's father, the wealthy Sultan bey, for marriage permission, revealing his real activities. Sultan bey agrees, but Gulchohra objects as she can only love the peddler. She eventually learns that the rich businessman is really her beloved peddler.

The story ends with four couples getting married at the same time.

Premiere: May 30, 2009. 

Stage – director: T. Al – Tarazi, national artist of the RK

Scenic designer: E. Tuyakov, merited figure of arts of the RK

Musical arrangement and design: A. Duisenov

Advisor about national melodies: R. Kuliyev

Computer Coordination: R. Shynykulov

Vocals: G. Yesim

Choreographer: V. Goncharyev

Concertmaster: L. Aldiyarova

Assistant director: T. Aralbay, Merited figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Stage - manager: B. Abdikov

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