Is there a poison that I didn't drink?..

Author: Iran Gaiyp

Genre: Requiem

Duration: 2 hour

Age category: +7


Considering the human nature, Abay points to two aspects of the human essence. The first - the need of the flesh, the other - the need of the soul ... Two starts, two opposites. Fighting between two principles, old and new is particularly relevant today, when it begins to dominate philosophy: "Who is rich is right". History repeats, and this is - is fraught with consequences, says the director.

The new performance "Is there poison that I didn't drink? .." Interpreting the complex relationships between Kunanbay and Abay, between father and son, relationship of generations affects this complex problems.

Premiere: June 22, 23, 2012 

Stage director - O. Kenebaev, Merited figure of RK

Scenic designer - M. Saparov

Composer - B. Nurkasymov

Assistant director - S. Geniyarova

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