Who kelled the actor?

Author: I. Vovnyanko

Translation: O.Kikymov

Genre: Criminal drama

Duration: 2 hour

Age category: +7


Young girl Asel accused of killing a man. Stealth brazenly of the accusing sides are exposed during court proceedings. Unfortunately, among the defenders of their interests there are also law enforcement representatives. However due to the great responsibility and highly qualified of representatives of the law the young girl is justified. In performance, which is interesting to reveal the moral and psychological vicissitudes of the characters, the rule of law prevails. And this is one of the main conditions for a civilized, free society.

Premiere: June 27, 2015.

Staging director - A. Ashimov, National artist of USSR, Laureate of the State prize

Director - S. Askaorv

Scenic designer - E. Tuyakov

Composer - K. Shildebayev, Merited figure of RK

Musical arrangement - S. Zubaryev

Choreographer - G. Mukhamedzhanova

Assistant director - S. Geniyarova

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