Rahilyam Mashurova

Mashurova Rahilyam Abdrahmankyzy, Merited Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, commander of the Order "Kurmet"

She was born in 1946 in Almaty. She graduated from the theater faculty, acting department of the State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

In 1968 she recruited an acting troupe of the Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Auezov, since her creative life is closely connected with this theater. Her first role in the main theater of the country it is - role of Aibarsha in the performance  "Maira" by A. Tazhibaev (dir B. Omarov), since she has played more than 70 roles on stage.

The main roles:

From kazakh classics and modern dramaturgy: Sholpan in "Aiman - Sholpan", Kunekey in "Karakipchak Koblandy" by M.Auezov (dir A. Mambetov),  Aliman in the "Mother's Field" by Sh Aitmatov (dir. A. Mambetov, translated by ​​K. Mukhamedzhanov), Mampasi in "Wedding of Dosym" by K. Amanzholov (dir. J. Omarov),  Marfuga in the comedy "Wolf Cub under a cap" by K. Mukhamedzhanov (dir. A. Mambetov),  Saruar in"Slipper" by D. Faizi (dir. A. Pashkov),  Yesui in "Genghis Khan" by Iran - Gaiyp, Helichem in "Algeria Madonnas" by A.Tasymbekov and K. Yskak, Shuga in the "Revenge" by A. Suleimenov (directed by A. Rakhimov.), Irma in "Vain life" by B.  Mukai  (dir . K. Sugurbekov), Kali in the play "Kara kempіr" by A. Amzeev (dir. E. Obaev), Anar in the play "Sadness and specter" by S. Balgabaev, Jamal in "Bakei kyz" by T. Mameseitov (dir. A. Rakhimov), old woman in "Avalanche" by T. Zhuzhenoglu (dir. A. Kakisheva), Zeynep in "Abay" by  M.Auezov (dir. E. Obaev) and others.

From the world dramaturgy: Portia in the play "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare (dir K. Zhetpisbayev.), Denise in "Mademoiselle Nitouche" by F. Hervé (translation S. Shaimerdenov, directed by A. Mambetov), Armande Bejart in "The Cabal of Hypocrites" by M. Bulgakov ("Moliere" translation A. Suleimenov, dir. B. Mazhurin), Sonya in "Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekhov (translation A. Kekilbayev, dir. A. Mambetov), wife of Attila Kireuke in the performance "Attila" by Zamyatin ( translated by A. Bopezhanova, dir. J. Konenkin), Anna Andreevna  in the "The Government Inspector" by Gogol (translated by M. Auezov, dir. E. Obaev) and others.

Was invited to the role of Joan of Arc in the play "Joan of Arc" by Honegger, in the Academic Opera and Ballet theatre named after Abay, she is successfully created the image of the brave Kazakh girl inspired by the idea of freedom and patriotism.

Filmography: Gulimhan in the movie "Wolf sorrow" (based on the novel of  Sh. Aitmatov "Zhanpida" "Kyrgyzfilm". Dir Sadyrbaev), Aiymhan in "Nazugum" (". Uzbektelefilm", directed by A. Kasymov) Marjane in "Kazakh story" ( dir. D. Manabay "Kazakhfilm") and etc.

The performances which staged in the theater school of the Academy of Arts: "The Proposal" by A. Chekhov, "Slipper" by D. Faizi, "Enlik - Kebek" by  M.Auezov, "Kyz Zhibek" by G.Musrepov, E. Brusilovskii, "Mademoiselle Nitouche" by F. Hervé, "Birjan - Sarah" by M. Tolebayev, "Fiagaro Wedding", "Zinc boys" by  S. Alekseevich, "Destiny" (on the works of Shakarim and M.Auezov) and others.

R.Mashurova respected teacher, professor, merited teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Since 1975 lecturer at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, educates students, Associate Professor (1997), Merited teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1998), Professor (2005), Commander of the Order "Kurmet" (2005), honorary professor of the Republic of Kazakhstan ( 2009), Commander of the Order "Parasat" (2015).