Danagul Temirsultanova

Comming performances:

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Temirsultanova Danagul Kaiyrsapakyzy, Merited figure of RK

She was born in Kaztalovsk, WKO area.

After the graduating of the cast of the theater department of Theater - Art Institute named after T.Zhurgenov in 1987, came to work by the direction of the theater named after M. Auezov.

The main roles:

From the Kazakh classics and modern dramaturgy: Karagoz in "Karagoz" by M.Auezov, Ayman in the performance "Aiman - Sholpan" (directed by E. Obaev),  Karlygash in "Abay" (directed by E. Obaev), Topysh in "Ablai Khan" by A. Kekilbayev (dir. B. Atabayev), Leila in "Angel with a devilish face" by R. Mukanova (dir. B. Atabayev),  Perizat in the performance "Night of satiation" by B. Mukai, Aizhan in "The cavaliers"(dir. O. Kenebaev), Almagul in the performance "The interrupted lullaby" by  E. Amanshaev, Zagysh in the play "Goodbye love" by M. Makatayev,  Samal  in the play "Mother's grief" by B. Rimova, Zira in "Farewell to the old house" by T. Nurmaganbetov (dir E. Obaev), Aiman in the "Merry life" by A. Akpanbetuly (director K. Sugurbekov), Amaga in "Tomiris" Shakhimarden (directed by T. al -. Tarazi), Aygul in the play "Actress" by  D. Isabekov (N. Zhumaniyazov),  Gulzhan in "Ascent to Mount Fuji" by K. Mukhamedzhanov (dir. O. Kenebaev), Grandma in the comedy "Laugh or cry?" by E. Zhuasbek (dir. M. Akhmanov) and others.

From the world classics and modern dramaturgy: Ella in the performance "Hello, I am your aunt!" ("Charley's aunty") by B. Thomas,  Nigora in the "Bunt of  daughters - in - law" by  S. Ahmad, Nina in "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov, Angelica in the play "George Dandin or the deceived husband" by Moliere, Ottilia in the play "Before Sunset" by G. Hauptmann (dir. R. Andriasyan), Mamasulu in the performances "The night when the horses cry"  by T. Murod, Clementine in the play "Forget Herostratus" by G. Gorin, daughter in law in the drama "To live without causing pain to each other" (dir. E. Obaev), Asiya in the musical "Arshin mal alan" by U. Hadjibekov (directed by T. al -. Tarazi), Olga in "Three sisters" by Anton Chekhov (translated by A. Bopezhanova, directed by R. Andreasyan, A. Kakisheva) and etc.

Filmography: She starred in leading roles in the movies "Competition for the old man", "Man - deer", "On the pass", "Locust", Enlik in the movie "Enlik -Kebek".

Since 1987 - the actress of satirical theatre "Tamasha", and later founded the theater "Akku - Gakku".

Merited Figure of Kazakhstan (2008). 

Medal of  "25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2016).