Azamat Satybaldy

Azamat Satybaldy, Merited figure of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the Youth Prize

He was born in 1977 in v. T. Ryskulov, Zhambyl region.

In 1997 studied in the Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov,  in 2000 hesent to protect diploma in Kostanai Regional Drama Theatre. In 2001 has received the diploma and got a job as an actor in the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

The main roles:

From kazakh classics and modern dramaturgy: Aidar in "Abay", Narsha in "Karagoz" (directed by B. Atabaev.), Kebek in "Enlik - Kebek" (dir H. Amir - Temir), Khlynovsky in "Dashing time" by M.Auezov (directed by A. Rahimov), Dolgonosov in  "Courageous" by D. Isabekov (dir. E. Obaev), Kozy in the performance  "Poem of love" by G.Musrepov ("Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu") (dir. K. Sugurbekov), Kumar in the  Angel with a devilish face"  by R. Mukanova (director B. Atabaev.), The Turkmen in the comedy "Still alive Hodja Nasreddin" by T. Nurmaganbetov (O. Kenebaev dir.), Doskel in the "Farewell to the old house (dir. E. Obaev), Nurse boy in the play "The poet .. Angel... Love" by A. Tarazi (dir. A. Rakhimov), Gaziz in the drama "The sadness of my love" by I. Saparbay (dir. E. Obaev, T. Aralbay), Kolya in the comedy "Laugh or cry?" by E. Zhuasbek (directed by M. Akhmanov.), Son in drama "The great and the thief " by  T. Abdikov (dir E. Obaev, E. Nursultan.), Beibarys in the performance "Sultan Beibarys"  by R. Otarbayev (director Yu Haninga - Beknazar ), Doctor in the metaphysical drama "And the dream of life" by Zh. Ergaliev (dir. E. Nursultan) Korkut in the play "Grave of Korkut" by I. Gaiyp (dir. J. Vaitkus) and others.

From world classic and modern dramaturgy: Tybalt in the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare (translated by A. Kekilbayev, directed by O. Salimov), Hamlet in the “Hamlet” (dir. Yu. Haninga – Beknazar), Egmont Clausen in the performance “Before sunrise” by G. Hauptmann (dir. by R. Andriasyan), Farhad in “Farhad – Shirin” by N. Hikmet (dir. A. Ashimov), Sagyn in the "Crime" by M. Baidzhiev (dir. O. Akjarkyn – Sarsenbek) and others.

Laureate of the traditional theatre festival “Theatre spring”.

Filmography: Daulet in the movie “Counter check” which was shot by film studio “Kazakhfilm”, Doctor in the film “Doctor Akhmetova”, Alisher in the TV serial “Kara shanyrak” and many others. Famous actor is well known as a presenter of TV programs such as “Lead of 21 century”, “Tan kalmanyz”, “Good luck” on TV channel “Khabar”, as well as of different entertainment TV shows.

Laureate of the prize of the Youth Union of RK (2002).

Merited figure of RK (2014).