Tungyshbai Zhamakulov

Zhamakulov Tungyshbai Kadyrovich (T. Al - Tarazi) – actor, director, teacher, National artist of RK, Laureate of the State prize, Commander of the order “Kurmet”, candidate of art sciences, Chairman of the Union of theatrical figures.

He was born in 1948 in the village Abay (Zhanasaz) Baizak district of Zhambyl region.

In 1973 he graduated from Kazakh State institute of arts named after Kurmangazy (National conservatory), from the acting department, studio (workshop) of Professor H. Bokeeva.

In 1970 recruited as an actor to the Kazakh State Academic drama theatre named after M. Auezov.

The main roles:

From national classics and modern dramaturgy: Arystan in the performance “Wolf Cub under a cap” by K. Mukhamedjanov (dir. A. Mambetov), Bahtygul in the “Morning echo” by M. Auezov (scenic version K. Iskak, dir. by B. Omarov) Myrzakhmet in the drama “Lost friend” by T. Akhtanov (dir. A. Mambetov), Demesin in the “Small village” by D. Isabekov (dir. by S. Asylkhanov), Makhambet in “Makhambet” by N. Abutaliev (dir. A. Rakhimov), Basybar, Syrym in “Karagoz” “Aiman – Sholpan” by M. Auezov (dir. by A. Mambetov), Ablaikhan in “The last days of Ablai khan” (author and dir. M. Baiserkenov), Ablai in “Ablai khan” by A. Kekilbayev, Akan seri in “Ukili Ybyrai” by Sh. Kusaiynov (dir. B. Atabayev), Zhanibek khan in “Kazakhs”  by K. Iskak and Shakhimarden, king Cyrus in “Tomiris” (dir. by T. Al – Tarazi).

From the world classics and modern dramaturgy: Yaakov in the “Monument” by R. Tyurin, Abutalip in the performance “The day lasts longer than a century” by Sh. Aitmatov (dir. A. Mambetov), Alisher Navoi in "Alisher Navai" by I. Sultanov and Uygun (dir. A. Tokpanov), Khlestakov in "The Government  Inspector" by Gogol, Orest in the perf. "Elektra - my love" by  L. Durk, Louis XIV in "The Cabal of Hypocrites" by Mikhail Bulgakov (Translated by A. Suleimenov, directed by V. Mazhurin), Astrov in the "Uncle Vanya" by Chekhov (translated by A. Kekilbayev, dir. A. Mambetov), Brutus in "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare (dir. K. Zhetpisbayev), Oedipus in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (translated by H.Ergaliev, dir. A. Mambetov), Adam in "Kabyl - son of Adam" by K. Ashir (author and director K. Ashir, translated by M. Akdauletovich).  All images created by actor are very unusual and offers versatility in all genres, exceptionally a rare talent.

Since 1993 - Director and Chairman of the Arts Council of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.Auezov and started practicing by directing. With great success staged performances such as "Turandot" (Gozzi, 1994), "Salt desert" (M. Gaparov, 1995), "Tomiris" (Shahimarden, 2000), "The Kazakhs" (K. Iskak and Shahimarden, 2006) "Arshin mal alan" (U. Gadjibekov, 2010) and in the East - Kazakhstan regional theater staged "Marriage of Bonaparte" (D. Issabekov, 2006).

An influential actor has a lot of art and vivid images in the movies. Namely: Chekist ("Otka orangan Oral", directed by M. Begalin, 1974), Tanirbergen ("Blood and Sweat" (directed by A. Mambetov, 1979), Abul Khair ("Zhaushy", directed by A. Mambetov, 1980), Orazmergen ("The last water", dir. A. Tazhibayev, 1981), Azimhan ("Karalysulu", dir. E. Shynarbaev, 1983), Abul Khair ("Khan Abul Khair", 1993), Kaiyrhan ("Crash of Otrar" dir. A. Amirkulov, 1991), Kunanbay ("Young Abay", dir. A. Amirkulov, 1991), Shonai ("Sardar", dir. B. Kalymbetov, 2002), Khan Abul Khair ( "Nomads", dir. Ivan Passer, S. Bodorov, T. Temenov, 2004), Temir ("Kokbori serti", 2006), and others.

T. Zhamankulov versatile man of art. One of the founders of the foundation of the comic theater "Tamasha". Winner of VI All-Union Competition entertainers which has passed in 1979 in the city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg). In 2006, October 27 at the Palace of the Republic gave a personal concert as an entertainer.

T. Zhamankulov defended his dissertation on theme "The role of oratory in the development of national theater", and received a degree candidate of Science of  art criticism(2007). Author of scientific - publicistic books about himself and about the partners, in general about the theater arts "Naz" (2001), "Soz" (2008) in two languid. Successfully perform the duty of teaching. His students work in different theaters of the country. T. Zhamankulov professor of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov.

Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol of Kazakhstan (1980), Merited figure of the Kazakh SSR (1982), National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1992), Laureate of the State prize of  RK (1992), awarded the Order "Parasat" (2008), owner of the medal "20 years of Kazakhstan's independence" (2011 ), Honorary citizen of Zhambyl region (2006), Bayzakov district (2005), Commander of the Order "Dostyk" (2015).