Yerkebulan Daiyrov

Daiyrov Yerkebulan Muratovich, actor, Laureate of the youth prize "Serper"

Born in 1986 in v. Karasaz in Raiymbek District of Almaty region.

In 2004-2008 he graduated from the Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, specialty "actor of  "musdrama".

Since 2006, he works in the Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

The main roles:

From kazakh classics and modern dramaturgy: Aydar in "Abay" by M.Auezov (dir E. Obaev), Kebek in "Enlik - Kebek" (directed by H. Amir - Temir), Aitbai in "Dashing time" (scen. version N. Orazalin, directed by A. Rakhimov), the groom in the play "Bakei kyz"  by T. Mameseit, Berkut in the "Light of love" ( "Lost") by S.Mukanov (dir. A. Rakhimov),  Zhantyk in "Love Poem" by G.Musrepov (dir. K. Sugurbekov), Narbol in the comedy "The Wedding of Kyrmanbay" by T. Nurmaganbetov (dir. A. Rakhimov), Yerlen in the "Actress" by D.  Isabekov (dir. N. Zhumaniyazov), Torehan in the "Heirs" (dir. O. Kenebaev) , Baluan Sholak in "Courageous" (dir. E. Obaev), Gaziz in the performance "The sadness of my love" by I. Saparbay (dir. E. Obaev, T. Aralbay), Abai in the requiem "Is there a poison that I did not drink?" by I. Gaiyp (dir. O. Kenebaev), Sagyn in the play "Night by candlelight" by N. Orazalin (dir. N. Zhakypbay), a journalist in the drama "The Great and thief "  by T. Abdikov (dir E. Obaev, E.  Nursultan ), Kalauyn in the performance "Sultan Beybarys" by  R. Otarbayev and many others.

From the world classics and modern dramaturgy: Mercutio in the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare (dir O. Salimov), Podkolesin in "The Marriage" by Gogol (directed by V. Zakharov), Suleiman in the musical "Arshin mal alan" by U. Hadjibekov ( directed by T. al - Tarazi), dervish in the performance "The sinner" by  M. Karim (dir O. Kenebaev), etc.

Filmography: Oraz in the film "Spring of Temirtau" by M.Bidosov, Talap in the television series "Duty" ("Paryz") by J. Poshanov, Aidar in the television series "Destiny"  by A. Sahmanov, Bauyrzhan Momyshuly in the film "Baurzhan Momyshuly" by A. Sataev and others.

He was a TV anchor of TV programs "Bagdarsham" on TV channel "El Arna", "Dudarai" on TV channel "Khabar", "Talent Show" on TV channel "31".

Laureate of the Youth Prize of "Serper" (2013).

Merited figure of RK (2018).