Saltanat Bakayeva

Bakayeva Saltanat Ermekovna, Laureate of the youth prize of “Serper” of RK

She was born in Talgar in Almaty region.

In 2005 – 2009 she studied in department “theatre art” of Academy of Art named after T. Zhurgenov.

In 2010 she was recruited to the troupe of theater of drama named after M. Auezov.

The main roles on the stage of theatre:

From modern dramaturgy and national classics: Elya in the comedy “Laugh or cry?” of E. Juasbek (dir. M. Akhmanov), Ainagul in drama “So goes the world” of M. Sarseke (dir. O. Kenebaev), Juliet in the tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” of W. Shakespeare (dir. O. Salimov), Tatyana in “Courageous” of D. Isabekov (dir. E. Obaev), Zubarjat in “The night of a lunar eclipse” of M. Karim (dir. O. Kenebaev), granddaughter in drama “To live without causing pain to each other” of B. Zhakiev, Aigul in the performance “Sadness of my love” by I. Saparbay (dir. E. Obaev), Oksana in the comedy “Please, sell your husband” of M. Zadornov (dir. O. Kenebaev), girl in the performance “Night by candlelight " of N. Orazalin (dir. N. Zhakypbay) Tansulu in the play" Tansulu "G. Yesim (dir. A. Kakisheva), Laura in "The Glass Menagerie "by T. Williams (dir. A. Kabdeshova), etc.

The actress is well known as a singer.

Laureate of the youth prize of “Serper” of RK (2015).