Nuketai Myshbayeva

Myshbayeva Nuketai, National artist of Kazakhstan, commander of the order "Parasat"

She was born in 1936, in Raiymbek (Narynkol) Almaty region.

In 1954 - 1959 she graduated from the theater department of the Conservatory named after Kurmangazy.

In 1959, she joined the Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Auezov. Since then, continuously working on the stage of this theater.

The main roles:

From kazakh dramaturgy: Aisulu in "Oh, these girls!" by K. Shangytbaev and K.Baiseitov, Aibala in the performance "On the eve of the wedding" by A. Tazhibaev, Marfuga in " Matchmakers came" by K. Mukhamedzhanov, Maira in "Maira" by A. Tazhibaev, Akbala in the play "Blood and sweat" by A. Nurpeisov, Mensulu in "Aldar Kose" by Sh Kusainov; Zhuztaylak, Karlygash, Akbala in "Night peals", "Abay", "Karagoz" by M.Auezov; Galia in "Unexpected meeting" by T. Akhtanov, Azhar in the tragedy "Azhar and death" by S. Zhunisov,  woman secretary, Urkiya in "Prayer-mat", "Аbbreviation of the state" by A. Suleimenov; Ulzhan in the play "Abai desem ...", old Yis in "Goodbye Love" by  M. Makatayev, hero / character in "Vain life" by B. Mukai, Woman in "Angel with the devilish face" by R. Mukanova, Gulbaram in the comedy "The Wedding of Kyrmanbay" by T. Nurmagambetov and many others.

From the world dramaturgy - Aliman in "Mother's field" by Sh. Aitmatov, Beckey in "White steamer", Fatima in the comedy "Grandmothers going to married" by F. Bulyakov, old woman Sultan in the performance "The night when the horses cry" by T. Murod , old nurse in "Farhad - Shirin" by N. Hikmet, always laughing woman in the drama "To live without causing pain to each other" by B. Zhakiev and others.

Winner of the Festival "Theatre Spring".

The actress starred in the TV series "Bolashak" in the role of Maira apa, played a role of grandmother in the project "Birligimiz zharaskan" on TV channel "Khabar".

The actress is well known from the TV-theater "Kymyzhana" and with her beautiful singing voice, to the creative achievements actress awarded the title "Merited Artist of the Kazakh SSR" (1976), National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1991) and Commander of the Order "Parasat" (2010), Medal of  "25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2016).