Theater Etiquette

Dear spectator!

The audience is one of the most important parts of any performance. If there was no audience, the actors or musicians would be very lonely! There would be no listeners, no applause, and no appreciation. We thank you for visiting of the country's main theater - Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Auezov, and we ask you not to forget about the culture of the theater, to follow the etiquette and strictly follow all the rules of behavior in the theater:

  • Come in elegant clothes. Men usually wear a dark suit and women – glad rags. Of course, if you come in jeans, you will pass. But remember, ladies wearing trousers in a theatre are considered to have a bad taste.
  • To our theater should not come with pre-school children and children who are 7 years old need to buy a ticket.
  • To the audience should be pass after the bell. Performances start after the third ring and the doors of the auditorium close.
  • After the beginning of the performance the entrance to the parterre is closed until the intermission.
  • If you are late you will go to the hall from the second floor.
  • If you are late – contact the administrator. He will help you to take a free seat on a tier or a balcony, regardless of the purchased seat. You should take your seat after the intermission.
  • If you have to pass through the filled row – turn to face the sitting viewers and apologize in a calm voice or with a nod for causing the trouble. If your place is occupied, you should contact the administrator.
  • Do not bring food or water in the hall.  And no smoking in the theatre.
  • Turn off all cell phones,  alarms, pagers or anything that can disturb the production, actors or audience members during the performance.
  • Photography, cell phone recording and audio recording are not allowed in the theatre on the requirements of the law on protection of copyright and related rights.
  • At the end of the performance, thank the performers by applauding.   In return, they will thank you with a bow as you applaud.
  • You can give flowers, bouquets to actors, director, artists of the performance after bowing.
  • We remind you that you can leave the hall during the intermission or after the performance.

Yours faithfully,
Theatre Administration

Style of men's clothing 

Style of women's clothing