Born in the village Narynkol, Raimbek district, Almaty region in 1995.
From 2012 to 2016, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.
Since 2015, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.
Roles in the Theater:
Mironov in "Don't want to say goodbye" by A.Volodin (dir. A.Mayemirov),
Mukhammed-Shaibani in "Diamond sword" by I.Esenberlin (dir A.Kakisheva),
A boy in the "Key of happiness" by K.Murat (dir. E.Obaev),
Mahmud (Turkish boy) in the "Taste of homemade bread" by M.Omarova (dir. A.Kakisheva),
Sansyzbay in "Kyz Zhibek" by G.Musrepov (dir. E.Nursultan),
Bill in the "Money-money" by R.Kunee (dir. E.Nursultan),
Zharbol in "The wedding of Kyrmanbay" by T.Nurmaganbetov (dir. A.Rakhimov) and others.
Roles in the movies:
Acted in movies and TV shows like «Mirrors», «Hard year», «Eldin balasy», «Funny, yeah?» and others.