Born in the region Kaba of Altay, PRC, on 30 December 1987.
From 2010 to 2014, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.
Since 2014, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.
Roles in the Theater:
The warden in the performance "Century-old love" by D.Isabekov ("Magzhan", dir. A.Kakisheva),
Actor in the crime drama "Accused of the murder" by I.Vovnyanko (dir. A.Ashimov),
Karakozha (batyr of Kerey) in the "Diamond Sward" by I.Esenberlin (dir. A.Kakisheva),
Jason in the "Medea" by Eurepedius (dir. A.Kabdysheva),
Police officer in the "key of happiness" by K.Murat (dir. E.Obaev),
Soldier in the "Taste of homemade bread" by K.Omarova (dir. A.Kakisheva),
Sagyn in drama "Night by candlelight" N.Orazalin (dir. N.Zhakypbay),
A photographer in "Do not Leave Your Lovers" by A.Volodin (dir. A.Maemirov),
Kazan in the "Kobylandy" by M.Auezov (dir. N.Zhakipbay),
Commander in the "Atilla and Aecium" by G.Tomskiy (dir. A.Kakisheva),
Detective in the "Ahiko from Aktas" by M.Omarova (dir. A.Maemiriv),
Detective in "The day longer than a century" by Sh.Aitmatov (dir D.Zhumabay),
Kiko in "The wedding of Kyrmanbay" by T. Nurmaganbetov (dir. A.Rakhimov),
Professor in the "Torture" by N.Erdman (dir. A.Ospanbaeva),
Shaman in the "Grave of Korkut" by Iran Gaiyp (dir. I.Vaitkus),
Akan seri in the "Lost" by A.Suleymenov (dir. A.Rakhimov) and others.
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