Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakh Youth Union «Serper» (2015)
Born in the village Taubay ata, district Maktaral, South Kazakshtan region on 8 November 1987.
From 2004 to 2008, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.
Since 2007, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.
Roles in the Theater:
Magysh in "Abay" by M.Auezov (dir E.Obaev),
Zuleikha in the comedy "Still alive Khoja Nasreddin" (director O.Kenebaev),
Galia in "Courageous" by D. Isabekov (dir E.Obaev),
Sagynysh in the "The sadness of my love" by I.Saparbay (dir. E.Obaev, T.Aralbay),
Agafiya in "The Marriage" by Gogol (dir. V.Zakharov),
Bakei in the performance "Bakei kyz" by T.Mameseit ( dir. A.Rakhimov),
Homeless in the drama "So goes the world" by M.Sarseke (director O.Kenebaev),
Nurganym in the "Is there a poison that I did not drink?" by I.Gaiyp (dir. O.Kenebaev),
Nurgul in the perfromance "Night by candlelight" by N.Orazalin (dir. N. Zhakypbay),
Zhanar in the "Key of happiness" by K.Murat (dir. E.Obaev) and others.
Roles in the movies:
Acted in the TV show «Risk», the movie «Lottery» and others.