Merited figure of Kazakhstan Republic (2016).
Born in the village Aktam, district of Uygur, Almaty region on 9 October 1969.
From 1986 to 1990, graduated the Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema named T.Zhurgenov by profession of actor.
Since 1991, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.
Roles in the Theater:
Azhar, Kunykei in the tragedy "Abay" (dir. A.Mambetov),
Enlik in "Enlik-Kebek" (Zh.Hadjiyev),
Akbala in "Karakoz" by M.Auezov,
Sister in "The Wedding of philistine" by B. Brecht (dir. B.Atabayev),
Shaafak in "The night of the lunar eclipse" by M.Karim ("sinner" dir. O.Kenebaev),
Gauhar in "Elder sister" by D.Isabekov (dir. B.Omarov),
Mihr khanum in the historical drama "Kazakhs" K.Yskak and Shahimarden (dir.,
Saira in the comedy "The Cavaliers" by B.Mukai (dir. O.Kenebaev),
Isolde in "Gypsy Serenade" by I.Saparbay (dir. E.Obaev),
Kali in "Kara kempіr" by A.Amzeuly (dir. E.Obaev),
Akmunar in "I'm coming" by Iran-Gaiyp (directed by K.Kasymov),
Aika in the comedy "Laugh or cry?" by Y.Zhuasbek (directed by M.Akhmanov), Natalia Ivanovna in the "Three sisters" by Chekhov (translated by A.Bopezhan, dir. by R.Andreasyan, A.Kakisheva) and others.
Farima in "Beibarys Sultan" by R.Otarbayev (dir. Yu.Haninga-Beknazar),
Tamara in "Kas kagym" by Zh.Yergaliev (dir. E.Nursultan),
Zanalgysh azhal in "Grave of Korkut" by Iran Gaiyp (dir. I.Vaitkus)
Shapiga in "Crime and punishment" by I.Vovnyanko (dir. A.Ashimov, S.Askarov),
Kozlova in "Don't want to say goodbye" by A.Volodin (dir. A.Mayemirov),
Jenny-strawberry in "Cuckoo's song" by B.Brecht (dir. E.Nursultan),
Ayagoz in "Kyz Zhibek" by G.Musrepov (dir. E.Nursultan) and others.
Roles in the movies:
Starred in movies like "Kazakh story", "Kyz zhylaganda", "Road beam" , "Kara Shanyrak", " Liquidator", "Cop", in the television series "Ainalaiyn", "Zhas ulan", "Astana - my love" and others.