Dear viewers!

We thank you for dedicating your evening to the main theater of the country - the National Drama Theater named after M. Auezov, and we ask you not to forget about the culture of the theater, follow etiquette and strictly observe all the rules of conduct in the theater:


Theater Administration

Dress code

The theater is an institution of high culture. The theater is a rather specific and special place; it is not customary to come here in sportswear and jeans. Clothing attributes are festive, evening, fashionable clothes. Short and unnecessarily open clothing will be considered a sign of bad taste, and sportswear is completely unacceptable for the theater.


You should not come to our theater with children of preschool age, and children who have reached the age of 7 need to buy a ticket.

Time and delays

• You must enter the auditorium after the bell call. Performances begin after the third bell call and the doors of the auditorium close.
• After the third bell call, the movement in the hall stops. Therefore, it is inappropriate to be late for the performance.
• If you are late, enter the hall from the second floor.
• If you are a little late and the performance has already begun, it is quite acceptable to sit in any (free!) seat or you need to contact the controller. After intermission, you may return to your seat.


• It is inappropriate to enter the auditorium in outerwear and a headdress.
• Passing through the row should be facing the audience sitting in the row.
• It is forbidden to smoke in the theater, as well as to enter the auditorium with food and water.
• Before the start of the performance, put your mobile phone on "silent mode", and during the performance, keep silence.
• According to the requirements of the law "on the protection of copyright and related rights" you can not photograph or film performances on a video camera.
• It is considered extremely indecent to leave the hall during the performance. After the performance is over, wait for the curtain to rise and the actors to take their bows.
• You can give flowers, bouquets to actors, director, artist of the performance after bowing.
• We remind you that you can leave the hall during the intermission or after the end of the performance.