Theatre history

Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. O. Auezov was founded in 1926, 13 January in Kyzyl-Orda. The first staging of the theater was the tragedy "Enlik-Qebek» by M.Auezov and "Altyn Sakina" by K. Kemengeruly. Formation and creative development of the national theater is closely linked with the names of such prominent figures as S. Kozhamkulov, K. Kuanyshbayev, Y. Omirzakov, K. Badyrov, K. Zhandarbekov, and many other "natural talent, titans of  art" actors. Including an improviser I. Baizakov, well known singer A. Kashaubayev, K. Munaitpasov. And alsoZ. Atabayeva, M. Shamova, A. Abdullina, Sh. Bayzakova, O. Kashaubayeva, Zh. Shanina and D. Ongarbayevs actively participated in the life of the theater. The first directors of the theater are S. Kozhamkulov, Zh. Shanin, K. Kuanyshbayev.

The role of art in public life, which gradually adapted to the new life, to changes in the social structure, is great. In 20 - 30th years of the last century, the Kazakh people were in distress, and the Kazakh intelligency understood the importance of the role of education and culture, and art for the people, so many figures as Zh. Aimauytov, M. Auezov, Zh. Shanin, K. Satbayev, O. Bekov and others actively participated in the opening and development of the Kazakh theater. Among them was the head of the Kazakh National Commissariat of Education S. Saduakasov, as well as the first director of the theater, who distinguished by his creative - economic organizational work D. Adilov, and etc.

October 5, 1926, Zh. Shanin was a theater director, artistic director, and plays a very important role in the formation of the theater. The first professional film director, playwright, and critic, organizer Zh. Shanin in 1927 together with a group of artists was in the Ethnographic concert in Moscow, and returned successfully. He worked in the theater it is equivalent to ten years of the works before moving in 1932 to the Kyrgyz Drama Theatre chief director.

In October 5, 1926, Zh. Shanin was a theater director, artistic director, and plays a very important role in the formation of the theater. The first professional director, playwright, critic, organizer Zh. Shanin in 1927 together with a group of artists was in the Ethnographic concert in Moscow, and returned successfully. He worked in the theater is equivalent to ten years of the works before moving in 1932 to the Kyrgyz Drama Theatre as a chief director.

In 1928 theatre moved to the new capital of republic Almaty, and in 1930s new creative power joined to the theatre collective. AmongthemKBaiseitovKBeyisovShZhienkulovaMErzhanovZhElebekov, K. Karmysov, S. Telgarayev, A. Khasenov, K. Adilshinov, Zh. Ogizbayev, A. Zholymbetov, R. Yesimzhanova, R. Koishybayeva, Sh. AimanovSMaikanovaG.Syzdykovaandothers.

M. Auezov, who was head of the literary department in 1932 – 1938, plays a big and important role in the development of the theatre. A great artist of words in his plays and articles contributed to determining the direction of the national theatre. He translated the masterpieces of world dramaturgy, worked to enrich the repertoire.

In May 1933, the performance "Enlik - Qebek" by M. Auezov was once again staged by the direction of M. Nasonov, this performance was the first work of the Kazakh professional stage designer K. Kozhykov.  In 1932 - 1934 years artist worked productively in theater and was directed to Art Studio at the Bolshoi Theater (Big Theatre) in Leningrad, now the Mariinsky Theatre, for two years he studied with famous artists V. M. Khodasevich, A. G. Tyschler and M. Z. Levina. After returning he was an artist of performances "Abay", "Othello", "Eugene Grande", "Marabay", "Shansharlar" and etc., and then moved into the sphere of movie.

National dramaturgy began to form and develop. In this theatre first of all became had staged the plays of M.Auezov, K. Kemengerov, Zh. Shanin and I. Zhansugurov, S.Seifullin, B. Mailin, G.Musrepov, S.Mukanov, Sh. Khusainov, A. Tazhibaev, A. Abishevs, and others. From world dramaturgy staged the plays of Shakespeare, Moliere, K. Goldoni, A. Ostrovsky, N. Gogol, and M. Gorky.

In 1933-34 music studio was separated from the theater, the actors with a talent for singing move there. Cultural centers are by far the largest and most important centers of art - Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abai, Zhambyl Republican Philharmonic, "Kazakhconcert" collectives that are created on the foundation of musical theater, which seceded from the theater named after M. Auezov.

In 1936, they participated in a successful past ten-day (decade) of Kazakh literature and art in Moscow.K. Kuanyshbayev played a role in the opera "Kyz - Zhibek", Y. Omirzakov, K. Badyrov, Sh. Aimanov performed the role in the opera "Zhalbyr", and some of the actors have participated in crowd scenes.

In 1937 to the theatre has been appropriated the status of "Academic".

In 1930-1950 on the stage were the performances by the best samples of national and world drama.Over their creation worked guest directors - M. N. Sokolov, M. B. Nasonov, I. B. Borov, M. A. Sokolovsky, M. Goldblatt.

On the stage of the main theater works the second generation of the Kazakh theater stage direction, graduates from GITIS A. Tokpanov and N. Beysekov and A. Ismailov. In 1940, director A. Tokpanov staged the performance "Abay" by M. Auezov, and it became a great artistic success of the theater. In the performances, such as "Khan Kene", "Night peals", "Our guys", etc. used songs from the collection of «500 Kazakh songs" by A. V. Zatayevich for the musical design, and on the performance of "Abay" composer A. Zhubanov specially wrote music.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War (WW II) a few theater actors went to the front, actors of the theater were inthe brigade of performing artists on the front lines.  In theater were performances which inspiring public and youth by spirit. At that time, theater "Mossovet" (Moscow City Council), Central United Film Studio, which temporarily moved to Almaty, is well influenced to the creative work of the theatre. 

In the 40s many romantic images played Zh. Zhalmukhamedova, Kh. Bokyeva, Sh. Zhandarbekova, B. Rimova, and on this stage comprehensively manifested acting, directing talents of Sh. Aimanov.

In 50th the theater has replenished with a talented generation of N. Zhanturin, who graduated from the Theatre Institute in Tashkent, Y. Nogaybyaev, T. Zhailybayev, M. Baizakova were educated at the Institute of Theatrical Arts in Moscow (from GITIS), Z. Sharipova, graduated from High School Screen actors in Almaty and other artists. In 1954, among the arrived from Moscow was a citizen Karas Karimov, who was head of the troupe, he worked all his life for the good of the theater.

In 1946, in honor of the 20 - anniversary of the theater was awarded the Order "Red Banner of Labor."

In 1952, the USSR State Prize for the play "Abay" (directed by Sh.Aymanov, artist V. V. Golubovich and performers K. Kuanyshbayev, K. Badyrov, Kh. Bokyeva, S. Kozhamkulov, R. Koyshybaeva, Y. Omirzakov).

In 50 years on the stage, at the same time with historical performances were productions describing peaceful society, the creative labor of contemporary life, and their actions towards the creation of a just society. In 1956, was staged the play "Shokhan Valikhanov" by S. Mukanov, in 1957 "Enlik - Qebek" by M.Auezov, "Maira" by S.Mukanov. In general, there are many achievements in the stage of formation and development of national dramaturgy. And in the same period comedy genreis flourished. K. Shangytbaev and K.  Baiseitov were played in comedies "Oh, these girls!", “Oh, these gentlemen's!”. K. Mukhamedzhanov has become widely known for his roles in performance of "The wolf cub under a cap", "Matchmaker has arrived".  At that time, performances were staged by the plays of T. Akhtanov, A. Tarazi, K. Iskak, S. Zhunisov, O. Bodykov, E. Dombaev, O. Bokei, D. Isabekov and many others.

In 1958 theater had participated in ten – day (decade) of Kazakh literature and art in Moscow, was shown the performances “Enlik – Qebek” (M. Auezov), “Shokhan Ualokhanov” (S. Mukanov), “Poets tragedy” (“Akan seri – Aktokty” G. Musrepov), “Zhalgyz agash orman emes” (A. Tazhibayev) and “The Taming of the Shrew” (Shakespeare).

In 10 august 1961 by the decision of the Council of Ministers of the KazSSR to the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre was given the name of the great word artist M Auezov.

At that time there were performances "The Taming of the Shrew", "Othello", "Richard III" by Shakespeare, "The Marriage" by Gogol, "El perro del hortelano"(Dog in the Manger) by Lope de Vega, "Little Tragedies" by Pushkin, "Woman’s fate" by M. Kaoru, "Don Juan or love to geometry" M. Frisch, "The House of Bernarde Alba" G. Lorca," Stepdaughter" by Pirandello, "The Cabal of Hypocrites" by Mikhail Bulgakov, "Uncle Vanya" by Chekhov and other plays decorated, complemented repertoire expanded creative horizon of the theater. The role of Moliere by Zhanturin in the performance "The Cabal of Hypocrites" by M. Bulgakov, directed by A. Mazhurin (translated by A. Suleimenov), the role of uncle Vanya in "My lovely uncle" by Chekhov ("Uncle Vanya", trans. A. Kekilbayev) which directed by A. Mambetov became achievement, success of Kazakh scene. 

In the 1960s, successfully worked a chief director A. Madyievskii.  Since the beginning of the 60s began a period of revival of national directing. And here the role of M. Auezov theatre is great. Because of the constellation of directors such as B. Omarov, A. Mambetov and the first graduates of the directing department of the Faculty of Theatre Conservatory named after Kurmangazy Zh. Omarov, R. Seytmetov, K. Zhetpisbayev, A. Pashkov, V. Pusyrmanov and E. Obaev, M. Bayserkenov, Sh. Zulkash, S. Asylkhanov with the first Kazakh professional director A. Tokpanov almost all are workedfor the benefit of the theater.

It should be noted the name of the eminent theatre director, figure of arts, People's hero Azirbaizhan Mambetov. His career he began in the 60s, about 40 years he was the artistic director of the theater, and his famous performances "Mother's Field" (Sh. Aitmatov, scenes version of B. Lvov -Anokhin), "Blood and sweat" (A . Nurpeisov), "Karagoz", "Karakipchak Koblandy", "Abay" by M. Auezov, "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" (G.Musrepov), "My favorite uncle" ("Uncle Vanya",  Anton Chekhov, translated by A . Kekilbayev), "Climbing to the Mount Fuji" (Sh. Aitmatov, K. Mukhamedzhanov), "We are not angels" (K. Mukhamedzhanov), "Coriolanus" (Shakespeare, translated by H. Yergaliev), "Oedipus Rex" (Sophocles, translated by H. Yergaliev), and many other performances have brought new content and a new form of directing, raised to a new level of quality of the national performing arts.   

In 1966 for the performance "Mother's Field" (directed by A.Mambetov, artist A. Nenashev, performers S. Maykanova, F. Sharipova, B. Rimova);

In 1970, for the performance "Lenin in the 18th year" (director A.Mambetov, the performers M. Surtibayev and S. Kozhamkulov) was awarded by the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR.

In 1973 in Iran in the city of Shiraz was staged performance "Mother's Field".

In 1974, the performance "Blood and Sweat" (author A.Nurpeisov, directed by A. Mambetov artist A. Krivoshein and performers A. Ashimov, F.Sharipova, Y. Nogaybaev) was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

In the cultural environment been formed the concept of "theater of Mambetov", "Mambetovs' epoch". At that time, the theater of M. Auezov was in festival traveling in the countries of France, Iran, repeatedly went on tour in Moscow. The people of such major cities as Bishkek, Tashkent, Nukus, Ufa, Kazan applauded with pleasure to the theater arts of actors.   And there is practically no region and district in the country where the theater M.Auezov was not on tour. During this period all - round shone with talent such artists as K. Karmysov, M. Surtibayev, S. Maikanova, B. Rimova, Sh. Zhandarbekova, A. Musabekova, S. Telgarev, N. Zhanturin, Y. Nogaybayev, F. Sharipova, A. Moldabekov, E. Zhaisanbayev, R. Auezbayeva, G. Suleimenov, Zh. Medetbayev,  A. Boranbayev, A. Kenzheyev, K. Sultanbayev, U. Sultangazin; and A. Ashimov, S. Orazbayev, N. Myshbayeva, T. Tasybekova, K. Tastanbekov, R. Mashurova, T. Zhamankulov, B. Zhangaliyeva, Sh. Akhmetova, M. Utekeshova, and artists G . AspetovaTMeiramovZhMeiramovaNTashimovaKTleuovaL.AbzelbayevaandotherswhoworkstodayatthetheatreofAstanawasfamousinthistheatre.

During this period, came to the stage the second generation of professional set designers such as M. Erzhanov, D. Suleev, S. Umekenov, M. Zholtayev, at the beginning of the 70-80-ies came the third generation, as F. Mukanov, E. Tuyakov.

National composers began writing special music for the play. It is appropriate to name prominent composers G. Zhubanov and N. Tlendiyev who wrote a lot of music to the performances of A. Mambetov. 

In 1976 the theatre was awarded the Order of “Friendship of Peoples”.
In 1976 for the performance “My foal” (author O. Bokey, starring K. Tastanbekov) was awarded the Lenin Komsomol prize.

In 1981, the theater moved to a new building (Abay ave., 103).

In 1984, in France in Nancy have shown the performance "Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu". 

The tragic periods in the history of the country since December 1986, closed subjects described on the theatrical stage. The first "swallows" of this became the performances - dramas directed by A. Mambetov "We are not angels" (K. Mukhamedzhanov), "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years" (Sh. Aitmatov), "Geniuses and shadow" (S. Zhunis).

In 1988, the theater became a prize-winner at the I International Festival of Theatre of Central Asia and Kazakhstan "Nauryz" with the play "We are not angels" in Almaty.

In 1991, the theater won the award at the IV International Festival of Theatre of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in Tashkent ("The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years," in the role of Edige - T. Aralbay).

Director and actor A. Ashimov staged a performance based on the novel "Akbilek" by Zh. Aimauytov, acquitted during those years. Director K. Zhetpisbayev staged a drama "Dos - Dos Bedel" (M. Auezov) with a real historical standpoint. These performances from different artistic levels caused a public resonance. It is worth noting that the director K. Zhetpisbayev put a lot of serious performances on this stage, it must be said, that many creative searches were productive. As a contemporary, colleague R. Seymetov, he put the complex pieces of the world classics, which opens new horizons to the theater, his last such work - the tragedy of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar", similar to the absurd form of government of the Soviet Union.

In 1988-1992s for the first time on the stage of the main theater were staged the performances "Coriolanus" (trans. H. Yergaliev, dir. A.Mambetov), "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (trans. H. Yergaliev, dir. A.Mambetov), "Medea" by Euripides (trans. K. Zhumagaliyev, dir. A.Pashkov), tragedies, comedy "Fiesco; or, the Genoese Conspiracy" by Schiller (dir. F. Zolter), "Don Juan" Moliere (trans. A. Suleimenov, dir. A. Rakhimov). 

A. Rakhimov is a director, who well feels spirit of the times and society successfully staged the drama of a young playwright E. Amanshaev "Interrupted lullaby". The audience very well received performance that gave the bitterness and sadness December events to every heart by showing social inequalities, a harsh spiritual condition of society, the spiritual life of the youth.

In 1991, for the performance "Interrupted lullaby" (author E. Amanshaev, performers: M. Omar,  A.Omar) awarded by Lenin Komsomol Award. 

In 1991, during the formation of the republic's independence Academic Theater was actively involved in the study of social change, our own history newly. In the period of formation of independence of the republic was marked by leadership of the National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the State Prize T. Zhamankulov, during the period of his leadership there are was search of art - aesthetic direction, this period is marked by the search for new forms of theatrical expression.   In the laboratory of drama were written plays on the important topics on request. The atmosphere in the theater was full of a free spirit, widely opened the road to creativity and ideas. The directors-directors

A. Rakhimov, capable to find beautiful combination of tradition and innovation: drama - dialogue " Постановки А. Рахимова, способного красиво находить сочетание традиций и инноваций: драма - диалоги «Prayer-mat», «Seventh ward», «Staff reduction» (А. Suleimenov, triptych «Situations»), «Dashing time» (М. Auezov, scen.version N. Orazalin), «Kazakhs after the wedding», "The Age without love "(S. Balgabayev), "Revenge" (A. Suleimenov);

B. Atabaev productively worked in those years in the theater, has brought a new trend in the Kazakh stage: «Sorrow of mother» (B. Rimova), «Genghis Khan» (Iran Gaiyp), «Blind people» (M. Maeterlinck, translated by А. Tazhibayev), «Madonna of Algeria» (А. Tasymbekov, K. Iskak), «Angel with a devilish face» (R. Mukanova), «The Seagull» (А. Chekhov, translated by А. Tokpanov);

K. Sugurbekov, who died early, the owner of great talent whose performances are multi-dimensional, that is, cultural - philosophical performances: "At the last moment" (A. Bekbosyn), "The sin of the morning star" (M. Zhumabaev, scen.version  A. Tarazi), "The Metamorphosis" (F. Kafka scen.version E. Amansha), "Hello, sadness!" (D. Amantay), "A Doll's house" (H. Ibsen), "Love Poem" (G. Musrepov);

And performances of T. Al - Tarazi "Princess Turandot" (Gozzi, translated by M. Ahmed - tore), "Salt desert" (M. Gaparov), and many other performances of different styles have raised the number of spectators and their cultural richness.

It should be noted that there were considered a new ways to involve the audience to the theatre, collective started coming out on tour and international festivals. And in those years, started the traditional theater festival "Theatre Spring".

In 1994 actor S. Orazbayev has received the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the artistic images on the stage.

In 1996, the writer - playwright A. Suleimenov has received the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the triptych "Situations", directed by A. Rahimov ("Prayer mat", "The Seventh ward", "Staff reduction").

The new stage, the beginning of Independence, the 86-ies the theater drew attention to the large-scale drama of  playwrights A. Suleimenov, B. Mukai, which raising public - social problems. Also, plays of T. Nurmagambetov, D. Isabekov, T. Abdikov, N. Orazalin, S. Balgabaev, I. Orazbay, I. Saparbay, I. Vovnyanko, Shahimarden, S. Asylbekov were repeatedly put on the scene.

Creative achievements of modern members, such as E. Amanshayev, R. Mukanova, R. Otarbayev, Y. Zhuasbek, D. Amantay,  closely entwined with the theater.  The first works of dramatists of our theatre M. Omarova and A. Bagdat was successfully staged in the theatres of republic.

In the XXI century repertoire of theatre, range of creative connections was expanded.  During the leadership of an experienced director Yesmukhan Obaev started to come a lot of spectators, the troupe regularly been on foreign tours. Artistic director put interesting productions of the classics: the comedy "Ayman - Sholpan" by M.Auezov and the tragedy of "Abay", "Inspector" by Gogol, as well as modern drama " Possessed" ("Baluan Sholak" by D. Isabekov), "Gypsy Serenade" jointly with T. Aralbaev (I. Saparbay), "Do not lose hope" (N. Kelimbetov), "The Great and the thief" (T. Abdikov) together with the young director Y. Nursultan. During this period, many of the performances from the world classic, for example,  - "Before Sunset" (G. Hauptmann, translated by K. Iskakov, directed by R. Andriasian), "Hamlet" (Shakespeare, translated by H. Yergaliev, directed by Yu. Haninge - Beknazar), "Romeo and Juliet" (Shakespeare, translated by A. Kekilbayev, dir.O. Salimov), " Farhad Shirin" (N.Hikmet, directed by A. Ashimov), "Marriage" (Nikolai Gogol, translated by O. Kyikymov, director V. Zakharov),  "Arshin-Mal-Alan" (U. Hajibekov, translated by K. Mukhamedzhanov, directedby T. Al-Tarazi); historical themes - "Pure Love" (S. Mukhanov, dir. A. Rakhimov), "Beautiful Kamar" (S. Toraigyrov, stage version Shahimarden), "Tomiris" (Shahimarden), "Kazakhs" (K. Iskakov Shahimarden, directed by T. al-Tarazi); from modern drama - "Beauty and the artist" (T. Akhmetzhan, directed by N. Zhakypbay), "Still alive Khoja Nasreddin ..." (T. Nurmagambetov), ​​"So goes the world ..." (M. Sarseke, dir. O. Kenebay), "Laugh or cry?" (Y. Zhuasbek, dir. M. Akhmanov), "Avalanche" (T. Zhuzhenogly, trans. O. Kyikymov, dir. A.Kakisheva), "An Evening in the Empire" (S. Asylbekov, dir. A.Kakisheva), "Yearning and the ghost" (S. Balgabayev, dir. A.Rakhimov), "Shakarim" (author and director  A. Rakhimov), and many other productions have received a high evaluation of the viewer .  Y. Obaev during his work as artistic director and theater director efficiently updated repertoire, increased quality, and engaged in organizational work, nowadays he shares his experience with the young generation, he is an example for all.

In general, over the years of independence in the theater of M. Auezov there was a tradition to invite directors from near and far abroad. Directing solutions, methods of working with actors: of G. Hajiyev, H. Amir - Temir, N. Zhakypbay, Yu. Konenkin, K. Kasymov, N. M. Zhumaniyazov, A. Orazbekov, M. Akhmanov, and great director of Turkmenistan K. Ashir, Uzbek film director O. Salimov, Russian directors V. Zakharov, playwright - director N. Ptushkina and methods of working of Lithuanian director J. Vaitkus became a good experience for the actors.

Time always sets its own requirements. There was a necessity of modern management for the prosperity of the work. Since 2013, the theater was headed by the playwright, famous theater critic Yerkin Zhuasbek, and he began to work in this direction.  By order of the Ministry of Culture in connection with the apportionment activities director and artistic director in theaters of the Republic, A. Ashimov was appointed as artistic director of theatre named after M. Auezov.   The role of an outstanding actor, experienced director of Ashimov in determining the creative direction of the theater is very important, and not small.

Theatre took up the creation of international projects. The first experiments in this area - the play "Othello" by the famous Russian playwright, director N. Ptushkina (Shakespeare, translated by M.Auezov, a stage version of A Bopezhanova), and play "Curse of Korkut" (Iran - Gaiyp) directed by outstanding Lithuanian director Y.Vaytkus, which through the image of Korkut comprehended humanity philosophical thought in a new way.  "Othello" staged in a traditional form, in the format of the Italian Renaissance has been praised by fans of theatrical art, and "Curse of  Korkut", where freely used modern technological achievements in 2015 in the international festival in Kazan has been praised by the international jury. The theater will further continue such experiments.

Over the past three or four years, the theater's repertoire added with other significant productions.  From national drama - "Tansulu" (G. Yesim, dir.A. Kakisheva), "And the dream of life .." (Zh. Yergaliev, dir E.Nursultan), "One Hundred Years of Love" (D. Isabekov, dir A. Kakisheva),"The Moon and Aisha" (dir. T. Al-Tarazi, Sh Murtaza, a stage version of  Y. Zhuasbek), from the world classics -"Three sisters" (A. Chekhov, a translated by A.  Bopezhanova, dir. R. Andriasyan), "The Glass menagerie" (T. Williams, translated by A. Suleymenov, dir. A. Kabdeshova), "Don Cesar de Bazan" (F. Dyumanuar and A. d'Enneri, trans. and dir. A. Rakhimov).

In April 2015, E. Bilal became the director of the theater, he began his career with the theater scene and risen to the peak of professionalism. At this stage, he created unforgettable characters, starting with the role of the great Abay, up to complex national and international classical and modern roles, starred in several feature films, television series, was the anchorman of interesting programs on TV,  Famous Artist, engaged in the education of students in the National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov, from 2011 worked as deputy director in the theater, and in recent years gained experience as artistic director at the Theater of  G.Musrepov. Y. Bilal knows the goal and task of the team, even knows the needs, the needs of the actors, and he began to fruitfully implement the strategic plans of the theater. Thus, the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater of M.Auezov in the city Taraz at the stadium, in the open air shoewed theatrical performance "Kily Zhol" by Zhabal Yergaliev, which dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate, with the participation of 500 people, it was the innovative mega-project of the year. We can say that this historical and patriotic theme performance is not only in the history of performing arts of the country, but also from the spiritual experience of very successful megaproject. And in the long-term plans for the theater, for its part, considered contribution to the national idea "Mangilik yel."

In the autumn of 2015 the play "And dreaming of life .." (dir. Y.Nursultan) won Grand - Prix at the international festival "Art - Ordo" in the Kyrgyz country and the performance "Sultan Baybars" (directed by Yu. Haninge - Beknazar) also won Grand - Prix at the international festival named after R. Otarbayev.

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The performances of last season - the play "Accused of Murder" (auth. I. Vovnyanko) directed by artistic director of theatre A. Ashimov, performance "Do not part with your beloved..." (author A. Volodin.) directed by A. Mayemirov,  spectators welcomed with love. And the performance  "Enchanted sword" (directed by A. Kakisheva) based on the novel of the famous artist I. Esenberlin (scenic version A. Bagdat) became a worthy gift for the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate and the 100 - anniversary of I. Esenberlin. The repertoire of the theater will complement other more significant, creative works.

The creative potential of the theater on a high, modern stage. In the group of professional directors have well-known directors: A. Rakhimov, A. Kakisheva and talented youth directors Y. Nuraultan, Y. Nurtazin. And form the senior level A. Ashimov, E. Obayev, T. Zhamankulov stage performances. In the artistic - production department in due time worked highly skilled, creative professionals F. Mukanov, K. Akbaev, and today from the performances known meaningful works of E. Tuyakov, Y. Adisbek, M. Saparov.  And the disciples make-up artist Boris Shcherbakov, who dedicated his life to the theater, as well as E. Kuantkanovs' students, who held at a high level work of sound department today also continue the tradition. Sound - directors, light - directors, wardrobe department, video shop, as well as many other members of the department are working tirelessly for the sake of art, a beautiful spectacle for the benefit of the spectator. And, the most important person, who represent the artistic performance of the viewer, it is, of course - an actor.

The general public surveys the harmonious acting performance of several generations of the country's main theater. For today, that is, in its 90th season, in the theater works: the famous master of art A. Ashimov, S. Orazbayev, N. Myshbayeva, T. Tasybekova, S.Kozhakova, B.Imasheva along with a senior generation successfully works a talented group of artists, led by G. Baykoshkarova, K.Tastanbekov, R.Mashurova, T.Zhamankulov, O. Kenebay, Sh. Akhmetova, M. Utekeshova, Sh. Mendiyarova, G. Abdinabiyeva, B. Zhangaliyeva,R. Khadzhiyeva, T. Aralbayev, S. Merekeuly, M. Nurasyl, B. Khozha, G. Zhakupova, A. Bektemir, A. Seytmetov, D. Temirsultanova, B. Kaptagay, B. Abdilmanov, B. Turys, G. Kulzhanov, Zh. Makhanov, O. Kyikymov, Zh. Amirov, M. Omarbekova, U. Seytimbet. Today, the middle link of artists, with high professionalism carry a load of repertoire - Y. Bilal, D. Akmolda, A. Boranbay, Zh. Tolganbay, D. Zhusip, Sh. Askarova, Sh. Zhanysbekova, G. Tutova, K. Shayakhmetova, N. Beksultanova, A. Surapbay, N. Karabalina, B. Aitzhanov, Z. Kopzhasarova, B. Kazhynabiyeva, A. Satybaldiyeva, A. Bokenbay; next generation - N. Zhekenova, Y. Daiyrov, L. Kaldybekova, . Shyngysova, R. Senkebayev, D. Musayev, T. Sagyntayev, A. Shayakhmetov, Zh. Baisalbekov, B. Zgakypbekova, A. Omirova, N. Abilov, S. Kulymbetova, Y. Turys, Y. Bektasov, S. Bakaeva, Z. Karmenova, A. Bakytzhanova, G. Ospanov, M. Mukhtaruly and others. And in the last season of the theater cast has added talented youth, they have already successfully begun to play a major role, depending on age. There is no doubt that the actors of the main theatre adorn major film projects,  many television series and concert projects and deepen their significance.


For today in the theater works:


National Artist of the USSR – 1,

National Artist of Kazakhstan – 10,

Merited Artist of Kazakhstan – 11,

Merited figure of arts of the Kazakh SSR

Merited figure of the RK – 21



1         - USSR State Prize Laureate,

3         - Laureate of the State Prize of the RK,

3         - Laureate of the State Prize "Daryn"

3         - laureate of the prize of Youth Union of the RK,

11       - laureate of the prize of Youth union "Serper",

1         - Laureate of the International literary prize "Alash",

2         - Nationwide independent prize "Tarlan"

3         - cavalier of the order «Otan»,

1         - cavalier of the order «Barys»,

6         - cavalier of the order «Parasat»,

16       - cavalier of the order «Kurmet»,

1         - cavalier of the order «Dostyk»



6         - professors,

9         - docent,

1      - doctor PhD

1       - candidate of Sciences.


On today there are 51 performances of national, foreign classics and modern drama in the theater's repertoire. In general, 70 per cent of the repertoire is a piece of modern topical issues.

Each month there are (a large and a small hall) about 30 performances. Theater collective comes to small themed tours in areas, region.

The first tour of the theater outside the republic was in 1928 in the city of Tashkent where played for about twenty days. And tours after receiving Academic status in 1937 does not count. During World War II theater actors performed together with other artists among special brigade. In the Soviet times, have visited almost all regions and districts of the republic, as well as in many former Soviet republics and foreign trips. Held successful tours in Moscow several times. Theatre Auezov whose performances appreciates not only the audience of the republic, but also neighboring countries, repeatedly became the winner of the national festivals. Theatre Auezov shows high art in many international festivals.

In 1996 - came back with the prize place from the international festival of experimental theater in Egypt, with the play "The Last Days of Ablai Khan".

In 1999 - participated in the II International Festival "Tuganlyk" Turkic-speaking theaters in Ufa (Bashkortostan, Russia).

In 2000 - in the international festival "Zhibek Zholy" in Germany;

In 2007 - the international festival in Tajikistan;

In 2008 - participated in the international festival of theaters of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, with the play "Beauty and the artist" and won the Grand Prix;

In 2009 - participated in the international festival "The Great Silk Road" in Korea;

In 2010. - In the International Festival in Konya, Turkey;

In the 2011. - Participate in international festival in Turkey, and the art of the theater has been highly appreciated;

2012 - participated in I international festival for dramaturgy of D. Isabekov, with the play "Zhauzhurek" ("Baluan Sholak") and received a special prize.

2014 -In The international festival "White Tower" held in Belarus in Brest, participated with the performance "Sultan Baybars" in English and took the prize.

In 2015 (19.04-02.05) - successfully performed with the performance "Sultan Baybars" in the VIII theater festival of Turkic peoples "A thousand breaths and one voice", held in Konya, Turkey.

In 2015 (31.05.-4.06.) - In Kazan, the international festival of Turkic peoples "Nauruz" were participated with the performance "Curse of Korkut", were highly appreciated.

In 2015 (19-23.10) - Grand - Prix for the play "And dream life ..." in the international festival "Art-Ordo", Kyrgyzstan.

in 2015 (26-31.10) - Grand - Prix for the play "Sultan Baybars" in international theater festival named after R. Otarbayev.

Geography of touring map of the theatre of M.Auezov in the period of independence, especially in the beginning of this century is very ambitious. Collective with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic, and also by invitations were in the city and region of the Russian Federation, Omsk, Tashkent, regions and the republic's capital Astana. Also, within the framework of the president cultural service of the small towns, the theater over the last three - four years, went on tour in the 7-8 small cities in the country.  One of these trips - a special trip to the city Zhanaozen in December 2013, where set several performances, and the public greeted the staff with the soul.

Since 1995, the theater festival of new performaces held annually in honor of the holiday Nauryz and international day of theater. This is the only festival of art in the country in this format, and it is valuable because it opens up new names, new ideas and transforms into a spiritual revolution in spiritual wealth. In 2010, the festival was dedicated to prominent actress S. Maykanova, in 2011 dedicated to 80 - th anniversary of  Y. Nogaybaev, and in 2012 the 90th anniversary of the famous actress Sh. Zhandarbekova, in 2013 the 100th anniversary of K. Karmysov and in 2014 the festival was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the actress S. Maykanova.  And in 2015, the festival "Theatre Spring" was a holiday of art which determine the best performance of the year, the best creative personality of the year.  Held in March of 2016 the twenty-first festival dedicated to the 100 anniversary of a living legend of Kazakh art, merited artist of Kazakhstan Habiba Yelebekova.

Each season, the theater holds several anniversaries and creative evenings. It may be noted, the 100th anniversary of the great director, actor Sh Aimanov, the 80th anniversary of the great director A. Mambetov and memory of evening of many deceased prominent figures. At the same time, creative evenings, benefits of respected elders, acting on the stage and the middle generation of actors play an important role in the cultural - spiritual life, in the upbringing of the younger generation to the goodwill.

Todays' work of different branches of life of the theater is today, and tomorrow it is already become history. since 1968  in theater of M. Auezov operates museum. Professional Specialist, head of the theater Museum N. Asanzhanova and museum staff involved in the systematization of the history of theater, sorting documents, organizing special exhibitions at various festivals, creative evenings, anniversaries and other events, has methodically if necessary - creative assistance to other theaters of the country. The museum became a scientific - informational, scientific - cognitive base for the students of the National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenov and media representatives, E-mass media. In the autumn of 2014, at the opening of the theater season 89 Museum has expanded the scope of its work, and opened a special hall for the spectators. 

For several years works the web site of the theatre. Recently, the site of the theater improved suitable to the modern world, increased content. This ensures a close relationship of theatre with the audience. For several years, the site works the theater. Recently, the site of the theater improved suitable to the modern world, increased content. This ensures a close relationship with the theater audience. Opening of the club "Syrlasu" at the theater, and the fan club of the theater as a way to close connection with the general public of the theater and a good way to propaganda state ideology among the masses of the people.

Figures of theater and on the stage and in the public life of the country worship purpose. Masters of the scene and prominent artists bring their works in the field of book publishing. Continuing the tradition of outstanding theater artists, beginning with the books of the outstanding director E. Obaev, books of prominent actors A. Ashimov, S. Orazbayev, T. Zhamankulov, theater chronicler H. Elebekova, known actress T. Tasybekova, directors A. Rakhimov, O. Kenebayev and book of critic A. Bopezhanova read with great interest in the country. The theater has a deep-rooted tradition of publishing a book from collected materials about the work of prominent theater actors. So were published the book "F. Sharipova", "A. Moldabekov", "E. Zhaysanbaev" from the series "Famous People", as well as memoirs, collections - the memory of the "R. Auezbaeva" "Zh. Medetbayev" "A. Boranbaev" and artistic photo Sh. Aimanov, A. Mambetov, Y. Nogaybaev, A. Moldabekov, E. Zhaysanbaev, A. Ashimov, N. Myshbaeva become the property of society. Directors, theater actors constantly express their opinions about the current problems of society and the life of the theater in the national and foreign media and E- mass media.

The first theater of the country - the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov, as already mentioned above, for its 90 years of history has achieved great success, has become a symbol of national art. At the opening of the theater veterans of the nation, dreamed that "will not just theater, and the theater with the appearance arising from the national specifics of the Kazakh people", and today these high dreams come true. This is the result of of the deceased, and several generations, sincere and persistent efforts, the work of artists who continue their traditions, and the result of the pragmatic policy pursued by the state.

March 27, 2016 celebrated on the highest level momentous occasion - the 90th anniversary of the Theater. President Nursultan Nazarbayev sent a congratulatory letter, where noted that "the history of the theater, which bears the name of the Great Mukhtar Auezov, deep, rich in tradition and has a special place in the development of the spirituality of the nation." Such an assessment imposes on the theater of great responsibility.

Collective of the country's main theatre, the theater named after M. Auezov - will continue to work in the way of high art, creating a new culture in the formation and formation of human of a new time; freely enter into the world of cultural - spiritual space, and will work for the benefit of the submission of national art around the world.


Aliya Bopezhanova,

 head of the literary department,

Merited figure of the RK,

laureate of the international prize "Alash"