The procedure and conditions for the return of funds
1. Acceptance of the Ticket and refund of funds is carried out by the Contractor and will not be indicated on the Site. The provisions of this article fully apply to the cases of return of Tickets, regardless of the place of their purchase (on the Website or the Point of Sale).
2. Genuine Tickets purchased by the Buyer from the Contractor through the Website or at the Points of Sale are accepted for return. In the event that the Ticket has physical damage (including, but not limited to: tears, erasures, marks, corrections, inscriptions not applied by the Contractor, lack of a “control” spine, etc.), it is also accepted for return, subject to verification the authenticity of such Ticket. In any case, Tickets valid for entry to the Event on the date of receipt by the Contractor of the relevant application are accepted for return. The return of Tickets for the past days of the Event, as well as applications for a refund received by the Contractor late, are not considered in connection with the proper performance by the Contractor of obligations under the Service Agreement mediated by such Tickets. Similarly, the Contractor reserves the right to refuse to return funds to the Buyer in cases determined by the provisions of the applicable law, in particular, in cases of abuse by the Buyer of his rights, as well as violation of the terms of this Offer by him when purchasing Tickets.
3. Subject to the requirements of paragraph 2. and provided that the Ticket is accepted and the money is returned by the Contractor, the money can be returned to the Buyer only on the basis of his application in a simple written form with the obligatory attachment of the original Ticket. The specified application is submitted by the Buyer to the Contractor's Point of Sale at the address indicated on the Site, with the presentation of an identity document or by sending a package of documents to the Contractor's email address.
4. Subject to the provisions of paragraph 3, if the nominal value of the Ticket was paid by the Buyer by bank transfer, the refund within the agreed limits is carried out only by transferring them to the bank account specified by the Buyer in the application. In case of payment of the nominal value of the Tickets in cash, they are subject to return at the Point of Sale indicated on the Site.
5. Refunds for Tickets in accordance with paragraphs 1 - 4 are carried out within 10 (ten) calendar days from the moment the Contractor receives the Buyer's application, completed in the form specified in paragraph 3.
6. When returning the Ticket due to cancellation, replacement or postponement of the Event (closing (full or partial) of the Event on the days for which the Ticket was purchased), as well as due to the Buyer's unilateral refusal, the face value of the Ticket is returned to the Buyer.
7. If the event is subject to a service fee, then when returning the Ticket, the amount of the service fee is withheld.
8. Lost, damaged or unused Tickets are non-refundable.
9. In case of cancellation (replacement, rescheduling) of the Event, as well as closing (full or partial) of the Event on the days for which the Buyer purchased the Ticket, is carried out in the manner specified in paragraphs 1 - 5 at the place and time, additionally indicated on the Site and points of sale. At the same time, the Buyer accepts and agrees that the official information indicating the cancellation, replacement or postponement of the Event (closing (full or partial) of the Event on certain days) is the information posted on the Site, as well as at the Points of Sale.
10. The Buyer confirms and agrees that the procedure and grounds for the return of the Ticket, as well as the person obliged to carry out such a return, have been brought to him in full, he is aware and understandable.
11. Refund requests (tickets) received at least 72 hours before the start of the event.