Media Relations Manager

Official duties. Organizes work on communications by the media. Develops long-term and current programs and plans, individual events or their complex in this direction, their information support, the scheme of financial and organizational support. Participates in the formation of an information and advertising strategy for a particular area of the organization's activities in the field of public relations in accordance with the general priorities of the organization's policy and the prospects for its development. Carries out a choice of forms and methods of interaction with the public, organizations, mass media. Defines the nature, content and media of information messages emanating from the organization. Provides two-way communication with consumers, partners and other groups of the public. Organizes and maintains regular contacts with the media, information, advertising, consulting agencies, public relations agencies, publishers, other enterprises and organizations, state and public structures. Organizes the collection of information, including the use of sociological research, continuous monitoring of information sources. Analyzes the state and predicts changes in the information market and the sphere of public communications. It takes measures to adjust the organization's policy in the field of public relations. It monitors the preparation and execution of contracts and contracts for information, advertising, organizational and financial support for programs and activities within the framework of a particular activity of the organization in the field of public relations. Ensures the interaction of internal organizational units of the organization in joint activities. Involves independent external consultants and experts in the field of public relations to solve assigned tasks. Organizes press conferences, briefings, media- , backgrounds, interviews of the organization's leaders in the mass media. Organizes the preparation of press releases on the activities of the organization, corporate bulletins, other information materials about its activities for the media. Prepares the public reporting documentation of the organization. Interacts with public opinion research centers and develops own programs to study and determine public opinion about the organization's activities. Informs the management about the results of opinion polls (consumers, mass media, representatives of authorities, partners and clients of the organization). Analyzes the requests of the media and other representatives of the public about the activities of the organization. Participates in the analysis of proposals for the participation of the organization in various actions (exhibitions, press conferences, presentations, round tables, festivals, charitable actions, etc.), gives opinions on the possibility of joint participation in PR actions held by outside organizations. He uses in his work the necessary PR tools about successful actions of the organization to a potential audience (consumers, shareholders, investors, etc.). Analyzes the effectiveness of the activities carried out. Summarizes, analyzes and brings to the attention of the management of the organization the materials of the mass media not initiated by the organization and PR personnel of the enterprise. Organizes trainings of the organization's leadership on interaction with the media, representatives of the public. Analyzes the strategies of competitors, reveals their strengths and weaknesses. Develops proposals on improving the structure of interaction between public relations staff and other structural divisions of the organization. Organizes the work of the organization's PR archive (inquiries from the public, responses, materials of the carried out actions and so on). Provides reports on the work done to the management of the organization. Complies with the norms and rules of labor protection and fire safety.

Must know. Legislative and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating issues in the field of public relations, media and advertising, the foundations of market economy, entrepreneurship and management, the development strategy of the organization, the information market situation, the technology of sociological research, methods of working in crisis situations, methods of planning and organizing advertising and information campaigns, the procedure for drawing up and concluding contracts (contracts) on information security the principles of sociology, psychology, philology and marketing, the ethics of business communication, advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of public relations, methods of collecting and processing information using modern technical means of communication and computer technology, the procedure for the submission of information that is public , official and commercial secrets, the procedure for its protection and use, the main principles of client PR, corporate PR, crisis PR, other types of PR, basic The principles of work with the competitive environment, methods of work with the media, the basics of economics, office, labor legislation, internal regulations, industrial hygiene, fire safety requirements.

Qualification requirements. Higher (or postgraduate) education in the relevant specialty, additional training in the field of public relations and mass media and work experience of at least 2 years.


Official duties. Performs work on keeping records of property, liabilities and business transactions (accounting for fixed assets, inventory, production costs, sales of products, results of economic and financial activities, settlements with suppliers and customers, as well as for services provided, etc.) . Participates in the development and implementation of activities aimed at compliance with financial discipline and rational use of resources. Carries out reception and the control of the primary documentation on corresponding sites of accounting and prepares them for counting processing. Reflects on the accounts of accounting transactions related to the movement of fixed assets, inventory and cash. It compiles accounting calculations of the cost of production (works, services), identifies sources of loss and unproductive losses, prepares proposals for their prevention. It calculates and transfers tax and other mandatory payments to budgets, pension contributions and other payments in accordance with the legislation, funds for financing capital investments, wages of employees. Provides managers, creditors, investors, auditors and other users of financial statements with comparable and reliable accounting information on the relevant areas (sectors) of accounting. Develops a work plan of accounts (a plan for financing budget programs), forms of primary documents used for processing business transactions for which no standard forms are provided, as well as forms of documents for internal accounting reporting, participates in determining the content of the main methods and methods of accounting and processing technology accounting information. Participates in the economic analysis of the company's economic and financial activities according to accounting and reporting data in order to identify on-farm reserves, implement the savings regime and measures to improve the document circulation, develop and implement progressive forms and methods of accounting based on the use of modern computer facilities, in carrying out of inventories of money resources and commodity-material assets. Conducts financial investigations. Prepares data on the relevant areas of accounting for reporting, monitors the integrity of accounting documents, formalizes them in accordance with the established procedure for transfer to the archive. Performs work on the formation, maintenance and storage of the database of accounting information, makes changes to the reference and regulatory information used in data processing. Participates in the formulation of the economic formulation of tasks or their individual stages, solved with the help of computer technology, determines the possibility of using ready-made projects, algorithms, packages of applied programs that allow creating economically sound systems for processing economic information.

Must know. Legislative and other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and methodological materials on the organization of accounting of property, liabilities and business transactions and reporting, forms and methods of accounting in the organization, the plan and correspondence of accounts, the organization of document circulation in the areas of accounting, the procedure for documenting and reflecting on the accounts of accounting transactions related to the movement of fixed assets, inventory and cash, the method economic analysis of economic and financial activity of the organization, the rules of operation of computer technology, international financial reporting standards, skills in working with the depositary, the economy, the organization of labor and management, housekeeping, labor legislation, internal regulations, industrial hygiene, fire safety requirements.

Qualification requirements. Accountant I category: higher (or post-graduate) education in the relevant specialty and work experience in the position of accountant of the II category for at least 2 years.

Accountant of II category: higher education (or postgraduate) education in the corresponding specialty without presentation of requirements for length of service or secondary technical and vocational education (secondary special, secondary vocational) education in the relevant specialty (qualification). Education and work experience in accountant for at least 3 years.

Accountant: secondary technical and vocational (secondary special, secondary vocational) education in the relevant specialty (qualification) education without presentation of requirements for length of service or special training under the established program and work experience in accounting and control for at least 3 years.