Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich

Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich

Артист театра


Laureate of the Prize of the Youth union of Kazakhstan (2002), Merited figure of Kazakhstan Republic (2007). Senior Lecturer of the Kazakh State Art Academy named after T.Zhurgenov (2008), Commander of the order «Kurmet» (2016).

Born in the village Tekes, district of Raimbek, Almaty region in 1971.

From 1989 to 1993, graduated the Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema named T.Zhurgenov by profession of actor.

Since 1993, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Kerim in the tragedy "Abay" of M.Auezov (director A.Mambetov),

Syrym in the tragedy "Karagoz" (director A.Mambetov),

Kebek in the tragedy "Enlik - Kebek" (dir. Zh.Khadzhiev),

Alibek in the comedy "Aiman - Sholpan" (dir. E.Obayev),

Abay in tragedy "Abay" (dir. E.Obayev),

Hero Uzak in the tragedy "Dashing time" (the stage version of N.Orazalin, dir. A.Rahimov),

Baluan Sholak in the drama "Courageous" by D.Isabekov,

The son of old man in drama "To live without causing pain to each other" by B.Zhakiev,

Shamshi in "Gypsy serenade" by I.Saparbay (dir. E.Obayev, T.Aralbai),

General in the lyrical drama "The sadness of my love" (dir. E.Obayev, T.Aralbai),

Kozy in the piece by G.Musrepov "Love Poem" ("Kozy Korpesh - Bayan sulu, dir. K.Sugurbekov),

Karanar in performance "Hello, sadness!" by D.Amantay,

Young man in "A vain life" by B.Mukai (dir. K.Sugurbekov),

Ybyrai in "Ukili Ybyrai" by Sh.Kusaiynov,

Sultanmakhmut in "Sacrifice" of K.Iskak (dir. B.Atabayev),

Poet in "Poet... Angel... Love..." by A.Tarazi (dir. A.Rahimov),

Temir in "The salt desert" by M.Gaparov,

Muhammad Shaibani in performance by Shahimarden and K.Iskak "Kazakhs" (dir. T.Al'-Tarazi),

Kunanbay in the Requiem "Is there a poison that I did not drink?" by Iran-Gaiyp (dir O.Kenebaev),

Gumio in "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare (directed by A.Mambetov),

Calaf in "А Princess Turandot" by C.Gozzi (directed by T.Al'-Tarazi),

Konstantin in "The Seagull" by Anton Chekhov (dir B.Atabaev),

Bobchinsky in comedy "The Government Inspector" ("The pair" directed by E.Obayev),

Ganefeld in the drama "Before Sunrise" G.Gauptman (directed by R.Andreasyan),

Vizier in the play "Farhad - Shyryn" N. Hikmet (Dir. A.Ashimov),

Asker in the musical comedy "Arshin mal alan" U.Hadzhibekov (dir. by T.Al'-Tarazi),

Vershinin in the drama "Three sisters" by Anton Chekhov (translated by A.Bopezhanova, directed by R.Andreasyan, A.Kakisheva),

Othello in the piece "Othello" by William Shakespeare (dir N.M.Ptushkina) and others.

Roles in the movies:

Acted the main roles in movies like «Birzhan sal», «Who are you, Mr.K?», «The sky of my childhood», «Ata-zhurt» and many others.


Роль: Abai
Роль: Son
Роль: General
Роль: Balkhash (husband of Tomiris)


Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich Bilal Erlan Abdildaevich