Saparov Murat Ismailovich

Saparov Murat Ismailovich



Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan (2011), jubilee medal of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016). 1990-1995 Department of "Scenography" of the Republican Art College. O. Tansykbayeva, 1995-2000 Kazakh State graduated from the faculty of scenography, directing theater, cinema and television of the Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov. In 2002 he joined the creative team of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater. M. Auezov.

 Performances at the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov:

 "Apat" ("Apocalypse", I. Vovnyanko, dir. A. Rakhimov),

 Poet, Angel, Love. (A. Tarazi, dir. A. Rakhimov),

 "Gypsy Serenade" (I. Saparbay, dir. E. Obaev, T. Aralbay),

 "Black Old Woman" (A. Amzeuly, dir. E. Obaev),

 "Actress" (D. Isabekov, dir. N. Zhumaniyazov),

 "Moonlight Night" (M. Karim, dir. O. Kenebaev),

 "Autumn Romance" (S. Asylbekuly, dir. A. Rakhimov),

 "Gods" (E. Uakhitov, dir. A. Rakhimov),

 “Bekey Kyz” (T. Mameseitov, dir. A. Rakhimov).

 “Kozhanasir is alive” (T. Nurmagambetov, dir. O. Kenebaev),

 "Enlik - Kebek" (M. Auezov, dir. H. Amir-Temir),

 "Night with a Candle" (N. Orazalin, dir. N. Zhakypbay),

 "Girl's Sorrow" (I. Saparbay, dir. E. Obaev, T. Aralbay),

 "The Lost and the Ghost" (S. Balgabaev, dir. A. Rakhimov),

 "Shakarim" (director and author A. Rakhimov),

 "Is there any poison I didn't take?" (Iran Gaib, dir. O. Kenebaev),

 "One Hundred Years of Love" (D. Isabekov, dir. A. Kakisheva),

 “Moon and Aisha” (Sh. Murtaza, stage version: E. Zhuasbek, staged by T. at-Tarazi),

 "Diamond Sword", dedicated to the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate (I. Esenberlin, dir. A. Kakisheva),

 "The Key to Happiness" (K. Murat, dir. E. Obaev),

 "Fool" (A. Suleimenov, dir. A. Rakhimov).

 Performances at the Almaty German Theater:

 "Penguins in Africa" ​​(fairy tale),

 Author of "Bregun". Oleksandr Irvanets (Ukraine) director. Andrey Kritenko (Germany),

 The author of the psychological clown "Norway.Today". Igor Bauershima (Switzerland), director. Victor Nemchenko (Kazakhstan).

 Participation in exhibitions:

 Exhibition of set designers in the State Central Museum, Almaty (2005),

 Almaty, A. Exhibition at the Art Museum. Kasteev (1997, together with the gallery "Kokserek").

 Astana, past exhibition of stage designers (2007).

 Astana. His personal catalog was published (2007).