Nurasilov Murat

Nurasilov Murat

Артист театра


Merited figure of Kazakhstan (2006), Medal for "10 years Independence of Kazakstan Republic" (2001).

Born in the village Konyr, district of Kapal, Taldykorgan region on 20th of January 1949.

From 1976 to 1980, graduated the Almaty Theater and Art Institute by profession of an actor.

Since 1980, works in the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Raysobes in "Prayer-mat" by A.Suleimenov (directed by A.Rakhimov),

Urikov in "The Seventh Chamber" (directed by A.Rakhimov),

Akhanov in "Staff reductions..." (directed by A. Rakhimov),

Aldarkose in "Turt saytanym, turt" by K.Myrzaliev,

Asai Museevich in the performance "Kazakhs after the wedding" by S.Balgabaev,

Nuke in "Dashing Time" by M.Auezov (directed by A.Rakhimov),

Kembay in "Enlik - Kebek" (directed by H.Amir-Temir),

Syrttan in "Abay" by M.Auezov (dir. E.Obaev),

Sherubai in "Lovers" by I.Esenberlin (dir. K.Sugurbekov),

Karaev in "Salt Desert" by M.Gaparov (dir.,

Zhumabai in "Beautiful Kamar" by S.Toraigyrov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Shulgaubay in "Angel with a devilish face" by R.Mukanova (dir. B.Atabaev),

Manager in the "Balamut" by O.Boranbaev (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Akim in the "Evidence of a crime" by A.Rakhimov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

A member of the Commission's in "Heirs" of D.Isabekov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Zhantorsyk in the play "The poet ... Angel... Love..." by M.Makatayev (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Sakbori in the comedy "Still alive Khoja Nasreddin" by T.Nurmaganbetov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Baltabay in the play "Bakei kyz" by T.Mameseit (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Xiqing in "Coriolanus" by Shakespeare (translated by A.Kekilbayev, directed by A.Mambetov),

Aksakal in the "Sinners" by M.Karim (dir O.Kenebaev),

Son of Murat in the play "The day lasts longer than a century" by Sh.Aitmatov (dir A.Mambetov),

Barach in the "Princess Turandot" by Gozzi (directed by T.Al-Tarazi),

The murderer in the play "If I were a sultan ..." by S.Wannous (dir.,

Zhorabek in the performance "Funny day" by V.Pokrovsky (dir. N.Tutov),

Senator Maximin in the "King of the Volga" by Zamyatin (translated by A.Bopezhanova, dir. J.Konenkin) and others.

Roles in the movies:

Starred main roles in movies like «Ornament», «Zhansebil», «Makhambet», «Auylym-anim», «Baikonur», «Locust», «Friends», «Ainalaiyn», «Syrgalym» and others.


Роль: Sirttan
Роль: Leon
Роль: Zhantorsyk
Роль: Villager
Роль: Raybek Аlimuly
Роль: Isa Turan Shah


Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat Nurasilov Murat