Saliha Kozhakova

Saliha Kozhakova

Theater artist


Honored Artist Republic of Kazakhstan (1998),

The owner of the badge "Veteran of Labour".

She was awarded the anniversary medal "20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2011), "25 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2016).

Born in 1941, native of the village of Karasaz, Raimbek district, Almaty region

In 1960 she graduated from the studio at the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov and was accepted into the theater troupe.

Roles in the theater:

M. Auezov "Kara Kipchak Kobyldy" (director A. Mambetov) - Karlygash

M.Auezov "Aiman-Sholpan" (director A.Mambetov) - Sholpan,

M.Auezov "Karagoz" (director A.Madievsky) - Akbala,

M. Auezov "Abay" (director A. Mambetov) - Magysh,

M. Auezov "Zarnitsa" (director S. Eleusizov) - Morzhan,

K. Shangytbaev, K. Baiseitov "Oh, these girls" (director A. Mambetov) - Zhansulu,

A. Nurpeisov "Blood and sweat" (director A. Mambetov) - Karakatyn,

A. Tazhibayeva "Maira" (director B. Omarov) - Aybarsha,

K. Mukhamedzhanov "Wolf cub under a hat" (director A. Mambetov) - Jamila,

K. Mukhamedzhanov "We are not angels" (director A. Mambetov) - Mother,

D. Isabekov "Heirs" (director O. Kenebaev) - Raikhan,

D. Isabekov "Small village" (director A. Rakhimov) - Zeynep,

A. Suleimenov "The Seventh Ward" (director A. Rakhimov) - Old woman,

I. Orazbaev "Is there a poison that I have not drunk?" (director A.Ashimov) - Nurganym,

A. Tasymbekov, K. Iskak "Madonnas of ALZHIR" (director B. Atabaev) - Halima,

R. Mukanova "Angel with a devilish face" (director B. Atabaev) - Katsha,

N. Gogol "Marriage" (director N. Zhanturin) - Dunyasha,

Lope de Vega "Love out of jealousy" (director A. Mambetov) - Dorothea,

M. Maeterlinck "Blind" (director B. Atabaev) - Blind woman,

N. Hikmet "Farhad-Shirin" (director A. Ashimov) - Nurse,

Sh. Aitmatov "Mother's field" (director A. Mambetov) - Aliman,

S. Ahmad "Riot of daughters-in-law" (director R. Seitmetov) - Lufti,

S. Ahmad "Husband" (director R. Seitmetov) - Rakhima,

F. Bulyakov "Grandmas get married" (director A. Rakhimov) - Bibikhan,

B. Zhakiev "Do not hurt each other" (director E. Obaev) - a polite old woman.


“My name is Kozha”, “On the Wings of a Song”, “Dolana”, “Hawthorn”, four serial films “Shokan Valikhanov”, “Five Brothers”, etc.


Producer: E. Obaev
Author: B. Zhakiev, Translation: A. Sigai
Producer: A. Rakhimov
Author: F. Bulyakov. Translation: T. Alimbekova