Merekeeuly Sayat

Merekeeuly Sayat

Артист театра


Merited figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010), owner of the medal "For Labor Merit" (2002), Medal for "25 years Independence of Kazakstan Republic" (2016).

Born in 1951 on the farm Algabas in Aksu district of Taldy-Kurgan region.

In 1978 graduated the Theater School of Moscow named after Shepkin, by profession an actor of cinema and drama.

Since 1978, works in the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

M.Auezov: Abay and Takezhan in "Abay" (directed by A.Mambetov), Orazbai (dir E.Obaev), Karamende in "Enlik - Kebek" (directed by H.Amir-Temir). Tarikh in the "Dos - Bedel dos" (directed by K.Zhetpisbayev), Syrym in "Karagoz" (directed by Zh.Esenbekov), Dauletkeldi, Zharlygap Toysary (directed by B.Atabaev), Karabai in "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" by G.Musrepov (dir. A.Mambetov). Myrzakhmet in the play "Lost friend" by T.Akhtanov (dir. A.Mambetov). Aubakir, Rahymbay, Uzak batyr in "Dashing time" by M.Auezov (stage version N.Orazalin, dir. A.Rakhimov), Koshkarbai in the play "Kazakhs after wedding" by S.Balgabaev (dir. A.Rakhimov). Kaiyrbay in the performance "Century without love" (dir. A.Rakhimov), Akat in the play "Mother's Grief" by B.Rimova (dir. B.Atabaev). King Cyrus of Persia in "Tomiris" by Shahimarden (dir. T.Al-Tarazi), Nurym in "Beautiful Kamar" (dir. A. Rakhimov). Sherubai in "Lovers" by I.Esenberlin (dir. K.Sugurbekov), Orazbai in the performance "Is there a poison that I did not drink?" by Iran-Gaiyp (dir. A.Ashimov, O.Kenebaev). Abay in the performance "Abai desem ..." by B.Rimova, B.Atabaev (directed by B.Atabaev). Akan Seri in "Ukіlі Ybyray" by Sh.Kusaiynov (directed by B.Atabaev), Rayfin in the play "Prayer-mat" by A.Suleimenov, Skop "The Seventh Chamber". Satov in the play "Staff reduction" (dir A.Rakhimov), author in the play "Akbіlek" by Zh.Aimauytov (dir A.Ashimov). Zhomart in the performance "Ablai Khan" by A.Kekilbayev (dir. B.Atabaev), M.Auezov in the play "Geniuses and shadow" by S.Zhunisov (A.Mambetov). Jakai Taishiev in "Equinox" (dir. Zh.Esenbekov), Zh.Zhabayev in the performance "Alatau syndy alybym" by A.Yskak and A.Tarazi (dir. K.Sugurbekov), Dosbergen in "Ascent to Mount Fuji" by K.Mukhamedzhanov and ShAitmatov (dir. O.Kenebaev). Zhakypbek in "Light love" by S.Mukanov (dir. A.Rakhimov), Hairettin in "Sadness and specter" by S.Balgabaev (dir. A.Rakhimov), Zhalgasbek in "Farewell to the old house" by T.Nurmaganbetov (dir. E.Obaev), neighbor in the play "Night by candlelight" by N.Orazalin (dir. N.Zhakypbay) and others.

Also Comino in "Coriolanus" by Shakespeare (translated by A.Kekilbayev, directed by A.Mambetov). Publius Varro in "Julius Caesar" (translated by A.Kekilbayev, directed by K.Zhetpisbayev), Baptista in "Taming of the Shrew" (dir. A.Mambetov), Ziyabek in the play "The night when the horses cry" by T.Murod (dir. O.Salimov). Mahmud in "Kara Zhayau" by Mirzagitov (dir. K.Zhetpisbayev), Asan in "Apocalypse" by I.Vovnyanko (dir A.Rakhimov), Elder in the play "Estay-Khorlan" by Iran-Gaiyp (directed by B.Atabaev), Yedigen in the historical drama "Atilla" by Zamyatin (translated by A.Bopezhanova, dir. Yu.Konenkin). Zhekshenkul, Chairman, Kasim in the "Mother's Field" by Aitmatov (dir. A.Mambetov), Auditor, Edilbay in the play "The Day Lasts longer than a century" (translation. Sh.Murtaza, dir. A.Mambetov). Sotanvil in "Deceived husband" by Jean Moliere (translation A.Suleimenov, dir. A.Rakhimov). Dervish in "Night of the lunar eclipse" by M.Karim ("sinner" translated by A.Kekilbayev, dir. O.Kenebaev), Chorus in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (translated by H.Ergaliev, dir. AMambetov). Zemlyanika (Strawberries) in the "The Government Inspector" by Gogol (dir. E.Obaev), Renaldo in "Renaldo went to the front" by G.Dzhovanoli (dir. Smirnov) and others.

Roles in the movies:

Starred the main roles in movies like "Station of Love", "Sardar", "Birzhan sal", "Report from the camera ", "Coast of love", "Kara", "Auylym-anim", "Shaman", "Afalin's jump", "Makhambet", "Baikonur", "Astana - my love", "Myn bala", "Counter check", "Aldar kose"and others.



Роль: Orazbay
Роль: Powerful
Роль: Kunanbai
Роль: Polonia
Роль: Syrlybai
Роль: Abdolla