About the event

The young merchant Asker wants to get married. Meanwhile, customs forbid a man to see his bride before the wedding. But Asker agrees to marry only if he sees the bride before the wedding himself and falls in love with her. On the advice of his friend Suleiman, he dresses up as a street cloth merchant - arshin-malchi and gets acquainted with Gulchahra, realizing that this is his fate. The girl reciprocates his feelings, but her father is against it. He betrothed her to a wealthy merchant, and Gulchokhra is in love with arshin-malchi... There is a lot of humor, songs, and, most importantly, four weddings in the performance!

2 hours 15 minutes
Big hall
G. Gadzhibekov. Translation: K. Mukhamedzhanov, Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan
Tungyshbay al-Tarazi, National Artist of Kazakhstan