About the event

Zhazira's father, who does not spare anything for his child, tries to cure her in any way and at the same time never forgets about his career - the meaning of life. His actions and his surroundings, conditioned by peculiar life “values”, are the upper layer of the production.

And Zhazira is not sick with anything. And therefore, she admits to the psychiatrist Sabit that she is healthy, she lacks love, she just needs to believe in love and everything will fall into place. The gradually changing psychological component is the next layer of the performance and everything that happens before our eyes is transformed - everything is real and surreal... The metaphysical tragedy gradually reveals the terrifying essence of an unspiritual society that has completely lost hope, faith and love.

1 hour 30 minutes
Small hall
Zhabal Yergaliev, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan