On October 11, 2022, the National Theater will open its 97th season with the tragedy "Karagoz" by M. Auezov.

Author: laureate of the State Prize of the USSR M. Auezov
Duration: 2 hours
Age category: 12+
Premiere: October 11, 2022

The famous Karagoz. Each generation learns it in its own way. According to today's knowledge, this is not only a love tragedy against the national tradition of the closely related Karagozes and Syryms, but also a tragedy of time and society. Karagoz finally died, and no one heard the cry of her soul... The heroes, each with their own truth, will all be defeated. Why? Could such a tragedy have been prevented? The performance, looking deep into the soul of a person, brings to the fore other complex issues that are very relevant today.

Stage director: E. Nursultan
Composer-performer: M. Saparov
Dress designer: A.Syrbaeva
Composer: B. Nurkasymov
Choreographer: Sh. Mustafina
Director assistant: S.Geniyarova

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