Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich

Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich

Артист театра


Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakh Youth Union «Serper» (2013)

Born in the village Koktal, district Urzhar, East Kazakhstan region in 1987.

From 2004 to 2008, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.

Since 2006, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Kebek in tragedy "Enlik – Kebek" by M.Auezov (dir. H.Amir–Temir),

Aidar in tragedy "Abay" by M.Auezov (dir. E.Obaev),

Erlen in drama "Actress" by D.Isabekov (dir. N.Zhumaniyazov),

Torekhan in the performance "Heirs" (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Sutemgen in drama "Possessed" of D.Isabekov ("Baluan – Sholak", dir E.Obaev),

Hostler in "Bakei kyz" T.Mameseitov (dir. A.Rahimov),

Young Sabyr in "Ascent to Mount Fuji" by K.Mukhamedzhanov and Sh.Aitmatov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Turkman in "Still alive Hodja Nasreddin" by T.Nurmaganbetov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Dastan in drama "The sadness of my love" by I.Saparbay (dir. E.Obaev, T.Aralbay),

The third in "Shakarim" by A.Rahimov (dir. A. Rahimov),

Ospan in in "Dashing time" by M.Auezov (directed by A.Rakhimov),

Young guy in "Don't want to lose hope" by N.Kelimbetov (dir. E.Obaev, T.Aralbay),

Officer in "Light of love" by S.Mukhanov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Thief in the "The Great and the Thief" by T.Abdikov (dir. E.Obaev),

Tanat in the "Night by candlelight " by N.Orazalin (dir. N.Zhakipbay),

Aleko in the "Gypsy serenade" by I.Saparbay (dir. E.Obaev),

Zhirenbas in the "Kazakhs" by K. Yskak and Shakhimarden (dir. T.Al–Tarazi),

Magzhan Zhumabayev in the "Century longed love" by D.Isabekov (dir. A.Kakisheva),

Zhoikyn in the "Tansulu" by G.Yesim (dir. A.Kakisheva),

Kutiz in the "Sultan Beibarys" by R.Otarbayev (dir. Yu.Haninga-Beknazar),

Sabit in the drama "And the dream of life" by Zh.Ergaliev (dir. E. Nursultan),

Kaptagay in the performance "Diamond sword" by I.Esenberlin (dir A.Kakisheva),

Head of police in the "Key of happiness" by K.Murat (dir. E.Obaev),

Tolegen in the "Kyz Zhibek" by G.Musrepov (dir. E.Nursultan),

Akzhigit in the "Sinner" by M.Karim (dir. O.Kenebayev),

Montano in the "Othello" by W.Shakespeare (dir. N.Ptushkina),

Laertes in the "Hamlet" by W.Shakespeare (dir. Yu.Haninga-Beknazar),

Tuzenbakh in the "Three sisters" by A.Chekhov (dir. R.Andreasyan),

Balthazar in the "Romeo and Juleit" by W.Shakespeare (dir. O.Salimov)

Valera in the "Don't want to say goodbye" by A.Volodin (dir. A.Mayemirov), and others.

Roles in the movies:

Acted the main parts of movies lile «My sinner angel», «Braveheart army», «Paryz», «Incident in Shalgay», «Test of life», «Amanat», «Destiny», «Kara shanyrak», «Way to mother», «Sweet dream» and others.


Роль: Joykyn
Роль: Balthazar
Роль: Aidar
Роль: Guards
Роль: Aidar
Роль: Kera
Роль: Laertes
Роль: Dastan
Роль: Sabit
Роль: Tolegen
Роль: Magzhan Zhumabaev
Роль: Kutiz


Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich Shayakhmetov Almas Muratbekovich