Asanali Ashimov

Asanali Ashimov


Asanali Ashimov, National Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, KazSSR, owner of the independent award "Tarlan", Cavalier of the Order "Otan", Commander of the Order of "Kurmet".

Was born in 1937 in the village of Saudakent, Sarysu district, Zhambyl region.


In 1961 graduated from the theater department of the Kazakh State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, majoring in Drama Theater and was accepted as an actor at the Kazakhfilm film studio.


In 1964 he was invited to the acting troupe of the Kazakh State Academic Theater named after M. Auezov.


The bright milestones of his work were the images he created in performances of various kinds. These are Kerim in the tragedy "Abay" by M. Auezov, Kebek in the tragedy "Enlik-Kebek", Aishuak in "Kara kypshak Kobylandy", Zharasbay in "Morning Echo"; Kodar in "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" by G. Musrepov; Iosif Tatevych in "Climbing Mount Fuji" by K. Mukhamedzhanov and Ch. Aitmatov; Julius Caesar in "Julius Caesar" by Shakespeare, Don Juan in "Don Juan or the Love of Geometry" by M. Frisch, Elaman in the drama "Blood and Sweat" by A. Nurpeisov, the main character in Vovnyanko's play "Apat", etc. Important and significant the role of A. Ashimov on the stage of the theater - Dr. Clausen in the drama "Before Sunset" by G. Hauptmann. To date, more than 100 successful performances have taken place.


The master of stage art invested his work in the development of Kazakh cinema. Kaimen in "The Wing of the Song", Bekezhan in "Kyz Zhibek", Shadiyarov, Kasymkhanov in the trilogy "The End of the Ataman", "Trans-Siberian Express", Karazhal in "Messengers are in a hurry", Director in "The Taste of Bread", old man Umirbay in "Uncle, I will kill you ..", Mr. Ka in "Who are you, Mr. Ka?", as well as Genghis Khan in the serial film "The Saga of the Ancient Bulgars" by B. Mansurov, and other roles are the most special and all different. An outstanding actor starred in more than 30 films.

Along with acting, he turned to directing. It should be noted his performances staged on the stage of the M. Auezov Theater “Amangeldi” by G. Musrepov, “Is there a poison that I did not drink ...” by I. Orazbaeva, “Akbilek” by Zh. "Farkhad - Shyryn" by N. Hikmet, as well as performances staged on the stage of other theaters of the republic and films shot in the Kazakhfilm studio, such as "The Year of the Dragon" (1981), "Shokhan Ualikhanov" (1985), "Wormwood "(1986), "Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu" (1992) and "House by the Salt Lake".

One of the organizers of the international film festival "Stars of Shaken". Honorary Chairman, Member of the Jury of many foreign international film festivals.


Author of the books "Song of Mayra" (1995), 5 volume collected works (2007), "With love, your Asanali Ashimov" (2008).

The enormous work that the outstanding actor contributed to the national art was appreciated. For the role of Shadiyarov in the film "The End of the Ataman" he received the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR (1973), for the image of Elaman in the play "Blood and Sweat" (A. Nurpeisov, dir. A. Mambetov) received the State Prize of the USSR (1974)


National Artist of Kazakhstan (1976), National Artist of the USSR (1980).


For a significant contribution to the development of cinematography, he was awarded the Tarlan Independent Prize (2000), holder of the Otan Order (2001), holder of the Kurmet Order (2007), Parasat (2007), holder of the medal of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Honored Art Worker" "(2012), awarded the Dostyk Order (2014).