Azat Zhenisovich Turarbekov

Azat Zhenisovich Turarbekov

Theater artist


Born in 1992, in the city of Almaty.

Graduate of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov, specialty "Musical theater and film actor".

Since 2018, he has been accepted into the cast of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

G. Tomsky "Attila and Aetius" (director A. Kakisheva) - Valentinien,

T.Nurmaganbetov "Kyrmanbay's Wedding" (director A.Rakhimov) - Marat,

S. Mukanov "Bright Love" (director A. Rakhimov) - officer,

D. Isabekov "Obsessed" (dir. E. Obaev) - Mikhail,

Sh. Murtaza "Moon and Aisha" (dir. T. Zhamankulov) - Noker,

A. Kunanbayuly "Kara" (dir. Zh. Zhumanbay) – 13th man,

O.Zhanaydarov "Two" (dir. N.Dubs) - Guy,

T.Nurmaganbetov "What’s mine is yours" (dir. N. Zhumaniyazov) - Jacques.



"Ayman - Sholpan", "If you love me", "If you love me - 2", "Contradiction", "Lovers", "Lovers of Durdaraz", "Kusainovs", "Diamond", "Secret of the Heart", "Investigators", "Red level", "Sardar", "Abay", "Akzhauyn".


Role: Valentinien
Producer: A. Kakisheva, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Author: G. Tomsky. Translation: A. Bopezhanova, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan


Azat Zhenisovich Turarbekov Azat Zhenisovich Turarbekov