About the event

The protagonist of the performance, Baluan Sholak (Nurmagambet), is a famous singer-composer, wrestler, and a favorite of the people. In the production, Baluan Sholak, who won the hearts of his wife Balkhash, beloved Galia, to whom he dedicated his songs and young Tatyana, is shown as a wayward and freedom-loving person, whose fate is closely intertwined with the fate of his people.

The ancestral possessions of the Kazakhs are going to be occupied by settlers. People do not want to voluntarily leave the land of their ancestors, and all this leads to violent clashes, people are in deep sadness. The performance traces the path of Baluan's formation as a Personality who stood up to protect the interests of his people.

The space of the performance, where directing, scenography and high acting play carry the idea of ​​freedom of spirit, is huge.

2 hours
Big hall
D. Isabekov, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan
National Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev