Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy

Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy

Артист театра


Laureate of the Prize of the Youth union of Kazakhstan (1994), «Figure of Arts» of Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan (2008), Laureate of the Foundation of the first President of Kazakhstan (2010), Merited figure of Kazakhstan Republic (2017).

Born in district of Aksuat, Semey region on 12 October 1972.

From 1989 to 1993, graduated the Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema named T.Zhurgenov by profession of actor.

Since 1993, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Adelma in "Turandot" by K. Gozzi,

Karagoz in "Karagoz" by M.Auezov,

Bakey in "Dashing time", Azhar, Aigerim in "Abay",

Zagysh in the performance "Goodbye, Love" by M.Makatayev,

Maria Antonovna in "The Government Inspector" by Gogol,

Claudine in "George Dandin or the deceived husband",

Bagila in the play "Sacrifice" by K.Iskakov,

Uriah in the performance "Staff reductions" by A.Suleymenov,

Liubava in" The Seventh Chamber",

Wife in the "Genghis Khan" by I.Gaiyp,

Togzhan in the play "Abai desem" by B.Rimova,

Sania in the perf. "Funny day" by Pokrovsky,

Ulbolsyn in "In love" by I.Esenberlin,

Leila in the comedy "Sabotage-ge" by B.Maylin and K.Iskakov,

Ayman in the comedy "The Merry Life" by A.Akpanbet,

Amaga in "Tomiris" by Shakhimarden,

Kunekey in the "Poem of love" by G.Musrepov,

Kunekey in "Lovesickness" by Zh.Aimauytov,

Daughter-in-law in the play "Kara kempir" by A.Hamzeuly,

Daughter-in-law in the drama "To live without causing pain to each other" by B.Zhakiev,

Elena in the comedy "Please Sell your husband" ("I want your husband") by M.Zadornov,

Woman in the "farewell to the old house" by T.Nurmaganbetov,

Nurila in perf. "Bakei Kyz" by T.Mameseitov,

Bati in the "Angel with a devilish face" by R.Mukanova,

Sholpan in the "Kazakhs" by Shahimarden and K.Iskakov,

Daughter-in-law in "Pure Love" by S.Mukanov,

midwife in the "Avalanche" by T.Zhuzhenoglu,

Telly in the musical "Arshin mal alan" U.Gadjibekov,

Kalisa in "Light of love" S.Mukanov,

Zhibekshe in the play "Evidence of a crime" A.Rakhimov,

Kalampyr in "Courageous" by D.Isabekov,

First wife in the performance "Is there a poison that I didn't drink?" by I.Gaiyp,

Mother in the perf. "Sultan Beybarys" by R.Otarbayev,

Black old woman in "Laugh or cry?" by Y.Zhuasbek,

Fekla Ivanovna in "Marriage" by N.Gogol,

Roles in the movies:

Starred in movies and TV shows like "Kiyan", "Adversity", "Longing for", "Uncle", "Sherniyaz", "Uashre", "Kyz zhylagan", "Kazakh incident", "The Love of Zhosha", "Seker", "Birzhan sal", "Peers".


Роль: Fecla
Роль: Kunekey
Роль: Midwife
Роль: Secretary
Роль: Aigerim
Роль: Tolbasy
Роль: Ulzhan
Роль: Jamila
Роль: Bride
Роль: Gertrude
Роль: Amaga (Queen of the Sarmatians)
Роль: Saule
Роль: Ayagoz
Роль: Mother


Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy Askarova Shynar Mukankyzy