Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina

Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina

Theater artist


Laureate of the independent award "Platinum Tarlan" (2002), laureate of the State Prize "Daryn" (2010), holder of the Order "Kurmet" (2016), awarded the anniversary medal "25 years of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2016) ).

Born in 1978, a native of the village of Sholokhov, Akzhaiyk district, Ural region.

She graduated from the Kurmangazy Music College in Uralsk.

Graduate of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov (2000)

In 2001, she was accepted into the cast of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

M. Auezov "Aiman-Sholpan" (director E. Obaev) - Sholpan,

M. Auezov "Abay" (director E. Obaev) - Azhar,

G. Musrepov "Poem about love" (director K. Sugurbekov) - Bayan,

S. Mukanov "Bright Love" (director A. Rakhimov) - Bates,

A. Tarazi "Poet ... Angel ... Love ..." (director A. Rakhimov) - Angel,

I. Saparbay "Gypsy Serenade" (director E. Obaev) - Isolde,

T. Nurmaganbetov "Farewell to the old house" (director E. Obaev) - Aizhan,

T. Akhmetzhan "Beauty and the Artist" (director N. Zhakypbai) - Beauty,

K. Mukhamedzhanov, Sh. Aitmatov "Climbing Mount Fuji" (director O. Kenebaev) - Gulzhan,

Iran-Gayip "Is there a poison that I have not drunk?" (director O. Kenebaev) - Aigerim,

D. Isabekov "Obsessed" (director E. Obaev) - Ekaterina Naryshkina,

G. Hauptman "Before Sunset" (director R. Andriasyan) - Inken Peters,

N. Hikmet "Farhad - Shirin" (director A. Ashimov) - Mehmeneban,

T. Zhuzhenoglu "Avalanche" (director A. Kakisheva) - Daughter-in-law,

M. Zadornov "Sell your husband!" (director O. Kenebaev) - Oksana,

M. Baydzhiev "Crime" (dir. O. Sarsenbek) - Maryam,

A. Chekhov "Three Sisters" (translated by A. Bopezhanova, directors R. Andriasyan, A. Kakisheva) - Masha.

L. Tolstoy "Anna Karenina" (director E. Obaev) - Anna.

The play "Poem of Love" won the festivals in Korea and Turkey (the main role is Bayan), and the play "Beauty and the Artist" (the main role is Beauty) received the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Theaters of Central Asia and Kazakhstan,

M. Auezov "Kobylands" (dir. N. Zhakypbay) - Karlyga,

L. Tolstoy "Anna Karenina" (dir. E. Obaev) - Anna Karenina,

B.Kazhynabieva "Birthday" (dir. E.Karibaev) - Character.


"Patchwork Quilt", "Heart of a Duck", "Mahambet", "Auylym-Anim", "Angel", "Tomiris", "Duniya Zharyk", "Akzhauyn", "Faculty of Necessary Things" and the Russian film "The Way to Mangaziya".


Role: Bride
Producer: A. Kakisheva, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Author: T. Juzhenoglu Translation: O. Kiykymova, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Role: Girl
Producer: E.Karibaev
Author: B.Kazhynabieva
Role: Bayan
Producer: K. Sugurbekov, laureate of the Prize of the Union of Youth of Kazakhstan
Author: G. Musrepov, National Writer of Kazakhstan
Role: Angel
Producer: A. Rakhimov, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Author: A. Tarazi, Laureate of the State Prize
Role: Azhar
Producer: National Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev
Author: USSR State Prize Winner M. Auezov


Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina Nazgul Adietovna Karabalina