Nigmetullina Dinara Ongalbekovna

Nigmetullina Dinara Ongalbekovna

Theater artist


Born in Tashkent city, Ozbekistan Republic in 1995.

From 2012 to 2016, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.

Since 2015, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the Theater:

Bayan in the "Love story" by G.Musrepov (dir. K.Sugirbekov),

Irina, Larisa in "Don't want to say goodbye" by A.Volodin (dir. A.Mayemirov),

Beauty Saryn in "Grave of Korkut" by Iran Gaiyp (dir. I.Vaitkus),

Gulbahram in "Diamond sword" by I.Esenberlin (dir A.Kakisheva),

Cordelia in the "The tragedy of King Lear" by W.Shakespeare (dir. E.Nursultan),

Bates in the play "Pure Love" by S.Mukanov (dir. A.Rahimov),

Zuhra in the "Taste of homemade bread" by M.Omarova (dir. A.Kakisheva),

Karlygash in "Kyz Zhibek" by G.Musrepov (dir. E.Nursultan),

Zhansaya in the "Owner of my heart" by A.Alaman (dir. A.Ospanbayev),

Snow girl in the "Snow girl" by O.Bokey (dir. Zh.Zhumanbay),

Ophelia in "Hamlet" by Shakespeare (directed by Yu.Haninga-Beknazar),

Meiyz in the "Suiynbay" by I.Gaiyp (dir. M.Akhmanov),

Karlygash in the "Kobylandy" by M.Auezov (dir. N.Zhakipbay),

Masha in "Sacrifice" of K.Iskak (dir. B.Atabayev),

Saule in the "To live without causing pain to each other" by B.Zhakiev (dir. E.Obaev) and others.

Roles in the movies:

Acted in the movies like «Snow girl», «Magzhan – a boy in the window», «August», «White bird», «Kelinzhan», «Q-eli», «Wingless birds», «Аbay», and in the TV show «City legends» and others.



Role: Granddaughter
Producer: National Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev
Author: B. Zhakiev. Translation: A. Sigai, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan
Role: Cordelia
Producer: E.Nursultan
Author: W. Shakespeare Translation: A. Kekilbaev, National Writer of Kazakhstan


Nigmetullina Dinara Ongalbekovna Nigmetullina Dinara Ongalbekovna Nigmetullina Dinara Ongalbekovna