Nurlan Sauletuly Abilov

Nurlan Sauletuly Abilov

Theater artist


Laureate of the State Prize of Kazakh Youth Union «Serper» (2015)

Born in the village Tekes, district Raimbek, Almaty region in 1985.

From 2003 to 2007, graduated the Theatre - Art institute named after T.Zhurgenov in faculty of theater and movie actor.

Since 2007, works at the Kazakh State Academy Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

Matai in the "Enlik -Kebek" by M.Auezov (directed by H.Amir-Temir),

Baimagambet, Bailiff in "Abay" by M.Auezov (directed by E.Obaev),

Ospan Zhebirbaev in "Dashing time" (scen. version N.Orazalin, dir. A.Rakhimov),

Musapir in "Light of love" ("Lost") by S.Mukanov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Unfamiliar guy in the "Heirs" by D.Isabekov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Employee in the "Ascent in Mount Fuji" by K.Mukhamedzhanov and Aitmatov (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Poet in the play" Bakei kyz" by T. Mameseit (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Marat in "Wedding of Kyrmanbay" by T.Nurmaganbetov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Sergei in the performance "So goes the world..." by M. Sarseke (dir. O.Kenebaev),

III father in "The Kazakhs" by Shahimarden and K. Iskak (,

Berikbol in the performance "The evening in the Empire" by S.Asylbekuly (dir. A.Kakisheva),

Aupish in "Shakarim" by A.Rakhimov (dir. A.Rakhimov),

Ryskul Bii in the "Sinners" by M.Karim (dir. O.Kenebaev),

Doctor in the tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare (dir O.Salimov) and others.

Full in "Key to the happiness" by K.Murat (dir. E.Obaev)

Roles in the movies:

Acted in movies like «Troubadour» (dir. E.Gelman), «Unreal love» (dir. A.Karakulov), «Baikonyr» (dir. F. Helman) and others.


Role: Abyz
Producer: A. Kakisheva, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Author: G. Tomsky. Translation: A. Bopezhanova, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Role: Rapil
Producer: Jonas Vaitkus. Professor, Laureate of the USSR State Prize, Laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize
Author: Iran-Ghaib, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan
Role: Zharkyn
Producer: K. Sugurbekov, laureate of the Prize of the Union of Youth of Kazakhstan
Author: G. Musrepov, National Writer of Kazakhstan
Role: Sergei
Producer: O. Kenebaev, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan
Author: M. Sarseke
Role: Baimagambet
Producer: National Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev
Author: USSR State Prize Winner M. Auezov
Role: Bailiff
Producer: National Artist of Kazakhstan, Professor E. Obaev
Author: USSR State Prize Winner M. Auezov