Zhanargul Amangeldievna Zhanamanova

Zhanargul Amangeldievna Zhanamanova

Theater artist


Born in 1989, a native of the village of Novorechki, Zharma district, East Kazakhstan region.

Graduate of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov with a degree in Musical Drama Artist.

In 2016, she was accepted into the cast of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

A. Volodin "Do not part with your loved ones" (director A. Maemirov) - Shumilova,

I. Esinberlin "Diamond Sword" (director A. Kakisheva) - Akkozy,

W. Shakespeare "King Lear" (director E. Nursultan) - Regan,

K.Murat "The Key to Happiness" (director E. Obaev) - Asia,

M. Omarova "The Taste of Bread" (director A. Kakisheva) - Zukhra,

G. Musrepov "Kyz Zhibek" (director E. Nursultan) - Karlygash.


"Mother's Heart" (director E. Rustembekov), "Heart of Love" (director A. Uzabaev), "Smoke of the Motherland" (director E. Rustembekov), "Coach" (director M. Bidosov), "The Sun". "Guardsmen" (director S. Sultanov), "Teacher" (director E. Rustembekov), "Counselors" (director K. Mustafin), "16 Girls" (director K. Mustafin), "Choice" (director A. Sakhamanov) , "Shyrgalan" (director E. Nurmukhametov).


Role: Regana
Producer: E.Nursultan
Author: W. Shakespeare Translation: A. Kekilbaev, National Writer of Kazakhstan
Role: Tansyk
Producer: K. Sugurbekov, laureate of the Prize of the Union of Youth of Kazakhstan
Author: G. Musrepov, National Writer of Kazakhstan


Zhanargul Amangeldievna Zhanamanova Zhanargul Amangeldievna Zhanamanova