Obaev Yesmukan

Obaev Yesmukan



National artist of Kazakhstan, professor.

Born in Almaty region in the village Kegen, in 1942.

He studied in the theatrical department by profession director of the Kazakh State Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, in 1960-1964.

From 1965 to 1967, he worked as a director of the academic drama theater named after M.Auezov.

Graduated two years final course in Moscow Academic Art Theater School named after Gorky, in 1968-1970. He took lessons from national artists of USSR, such as M. N Kedrov and I. M Rajewski.

Y.Obayev worked as a director to the Theatre for Children and Youth named G.Musrepov, 1970-1972.

Then he worked as an artistic director of Musical Drama Theater named after Abay, in Semey region, 1972-1992.

From 1992 to 1995, he was Rector of Kazakh State Institute of Theater and Cinema T.Zhurgenov (Academy of Arts).

From 1995 to 2001 held the position of First Deputy Minister of Culture and Deputy Chairman of the Cultural Committee of the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan Republic.

On the decree of Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan he was appointed as an artistic director of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M.Auezov in September 2001.

From April 2013 up to this days Y.Obaev works as adviser of Director of Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater after M.Auezov.


From 1970 to 1972 He staged in the theater of children and youth named after G.Musrepov such plays as «Shuga» of B.Mailin, «Pure love», «Daughter Kazhgar», «Botagoz» of S.Mukhanov, «The night of the lunar eclipse» of M.Karim, «Makhambet's arrow» of A.Alimzhanov, «That's what I deserve» of K.Mukhamedzhanov and others.

Also staged National and International classical plays like «Son of Manas-Semetey» in the Kyrgyz State Academic Drama Theater, «Karagoz» of M.Auezov in the stage of Osh State Drama Theater, «Abay» in the regional drama theater of Istikkol, «Salt desert» of M.Gapparov in the Kyrgyz State Theater of youth.

Directed in Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater after M.Auezov:

M.Auezov «Aiman-Sholpan», «Abay»,

N.Gogol «The Government Inspector» («Pair»),

T. Nurmagambetov «Farewell to the old house»,

A.Amzeuly «Kara Kempir»,

A piece of Kyrgyz playwright B.Zhakiev «Stop hurting heart…»,

A piece of I. Saparbay «Gypsy Serenade» (with T. Aralbaev),

N.Kelimbetov «Don't want to lose hope»,

D.Isabekov «Courageous»,

T.Abdikov «The and the Thief» and others.

From 1972 to 1992, during his artistic director position in the Musical Drama Theater named after Abay, Semey region, such performances as «Marriage», «The Government Inspector» by N.Gogol, «On the bottom» M.Gorky, «The Taming of the Shrew» by William Shakespeare, «Bashmagym» G.Faiz, «Kudasha» of S.Kudash were staged. «Also Arshin mal alan» of U.Gadjibekov, from national classics «Abay», «Karakoz», «Ayman - Sholpan», «Enlіk - Kebek», «Dos - Bedel Dos» M.Auezov; «Kyz Zhibek», «Akan serі - Aktokty», «Kozy Korpesh - Bayan Sulu» by G.Musrepov; piece of S.Mukanov «Shokhan Ualikhanov», «Maira» by E.Rakhmadiyev and G.Musrepov, as well as the play of young playwrights, such as «My foal» O.Bokeev, «The trains rush», «Elder sister», «Perizat» by D.Isabekov; «Farewell to the old house» by T.Nurmagambetov; «Tas kiyіkter» by N.Orazalin, «Look for yourself», «The Return of Kazbek», «Night dialogue» by R.Seysenbaev; «Cavaliers», «Good bye, my fairy tale!» by B.Mukai.

He was an artistic director of the days of culture of the Kazakh art, which took place in Germany, India, Korea, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc. He promoted and demonstrated a high level of national art in many countries near and far abroad.

Under the direction of E.Obayev, with great success have been carried out momentous events like a 150th anniversary of Abay and Zhambyl, 100th anniversary M.Auezov and K.Satpaev, in Astana, 1500 anniversary of the Great Turkestan, 2000th anniversary of Taraz.

In a creative way director has staged performances at the National Opera - Ballet Theater named after K.Baiseitov, in regional Russian and Kazakh theaters, as well as more than 100 performances in Central Asia.


E.Obayev was awarded for the achievement of creative success, merits in the development of theater art in 1975, the title "Merited Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan", and the honorary title "National Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in 1988, the title of Professor of Science of Art in 1993. For a huge contribution to the development of theatrical art he was awarded with the prize "Tarlan - Platinum" (2004), Chevalier of the Order "Parasat" (2007), owner of the medal "20 years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2011), Commander of the Order "Barys" (2014), Medal of "25 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2016).