Tungyshbai Kadyruly Zhamankulov

Tungyshbai Kadyruly Zhamankulov

Theater artist


National Artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (1992), holder of the Order Parasat (2008), Order of Friendship (2015), awarded the medal "20 Years of Independence" (2011

Theater teacher, director, candidate of art history, professor.

Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize Republic of Kazakhstan (1980), Honored Art Worker of the Kazakh SSR (1982),

Chairman of the Union of Theater Workers Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Citizen of the Zhambyl region (2006).

Born in 1948, a native of Zhanasaz, Bayzak district, Zhambyl region.

Graduate of the Acting Department of the Almaty State Institute of Arts named after Kurmangazy (now the National Conservatory).

In 1970 he was accepted into the cast of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Auezov.

Roles in the theater:

K. Mukhamedzhanov "Worl cub under a hat" (director A. Mambetov) - Leo,

M. Auezov "Zarnitsa" (stage version of K. Iskak, director B. Omarov) - Baktygul,

T. Akhtanov "Lost Friend" (director A. Mambetov) - Myrzakhmet,

D. Isabekov "Small village" (director S. Asylkhanov) - Demesin,

N. Abutaliev "The Past" (director A. Rakhimov) - Makhambet,

M. Auezov "Aiman-Sholpan", "Karagoz" (director A. Mambetov) - Basybar, Syrym,

"The Last Days of Ablaikhan" (author and director M. Bayserkenov) - Ablaikhan,

A. Kekilbaev "Ablai Khan" (director B. Atabaev) - Ablai,

Sh. Kusainov "Ukili Ibrai" (director B. Atabaev) - Akan Seri,

K. Iskak, Shakhimarden "Kazakhs" - Zhanibek Khan,

Shakhimarden "Tomiris" (directed by Tungyshbay al-Tarazi) - King Cyrus,

M. Omarova "The Taste of Bread" (director A. Kakisheva) - Duane is an old man,

R. Tyurin "Monument" (director A. Mambetov) - Yakov,

Sh. Aitmatov "And the day lasts longer than a century" (director A. Mambetov) - Abutalip,

I. Sultanov "Alisher Navoi" (director A. Tokpanov) - Alisher Navoi,

N. Gogol "The Government Inspector" (director A. Ashimov) - Khlestakov,

L. Durko "Electra - my love" (director R. Seitmetov) - Orest,

M. Bulgakov "The Cabal of the Saints" (translated by A. Suleimenov, director V. Mazhurin) - Louis XIV,

A. Chekhov "Uncle Vanya" (translated by A. Kekilbaev, director A. Mambetov) - Astrov,

W. Shakespeare "Julius Caesar" (director K. Zhetpisbaev) - Brutus,

Sophocles "Oedipus Rex" (translated by Kh. Ergaliev, director A. Mambetov) - Oedipus,

“Cain is the son of Adam” (author and director K. Ashir, translation by M. Akdauletov) - Adam,

M. Auezov "Abay" (director A. Tokpanov) - Adbirakhman,

M. Karim "On the night of the lunar eclipse" (director O. Kenebaev) - Akbeget

Sh. Aitmatov "The First Teacher" (director R. Sharafutdinova) - Dusen,

K. Mukashev "Dala dastany" (director K. Zhetpisbaev) - Beisenbay,

K. Myrzaliev "The Wise Man" (director R. Seitmetov) - an intellectual,

M. Shakhanov "The Kingdom of Faith" (director R. Seitmetov) - poet,

M. Auezov "Aiman-Sholpan" (director A. Mambetov) - Kotibar,

L. Pirandello "Stepdaughter" (director R. Seitmetov) - theater director,

N. Miroshnichenko "Aitys" (director A. Pashkov) - Yartsev,

A. Sofronova "Strength" (director M. Gersht) - Boris Komsomol organizer,

A.B. Vallejo "Today is a wedding, today is a holiday!" (director A. Pashkov) - Silverio,

Sh. Kumarova "At the wedding" (director R. Seitmetov) - Zhumazhan,

Zh. Tashenov, I. Savvin "Monument" (director R. Seitmetov) - Alibek,

A. Kapler "Lenin in 1918" (director A. Mambetov) - F. Dzerzhinsky,

Sh. Aitmatov "Mother's Field" (director A. Mambetov) - Shepherd,

J. Fayzi "Shoes" (director A. Pashkov) - 1st seeker,

Hai Vahit "Pangs of Love" (director A. Pashkov) - Bayan,

K. Behlzhi "Ulan asuynda" (director Zh. Omarov) - Dabachi

K. Amanzholov "My friend's wedding" (director Zh. Omarov) - My friend,

K. Mukashev "Party organizer" (director A. Pashkov) - Kasym,

W. Shakespeare "Richard III" (director A. Pashkov) - Lord Stanley,

G. Musrepov "Akhan seri - Aktokty" (director A. Pashkov) - Zhalmukan,

D. Isabekov "The Elder Sister" (director B. Omarov) - Kaben,

G. Musrepov "Amangeldy" (director A. Ashimov) - von Eversman,

F. Herve "Mademoiselle Nitouche" (director A. Mambetov) - Floridor,

T. Aktanov "Oath" (director A. Mambetov) - Tevkelev

A. Nurpeisov "Blood and Sweat" (director A. Mambetov) - tsarist officer, Tanirbergen, Elaman,

S. Mukanov "Shokan Valikhanov" (director A. Rakhimov) - F. Dostoevsky,

A. Zhaganov "Soul" (director Ch. Zulkashev) - Murat

I. Schwartz "Girl-sun" (director D. Aryngaziev) - King,

F. Schiller "Murder in Genoa" (directed by F. Zolter) - Fiesco,

M. Bulgakov "The Cabal of the Saints" (director V. Mazhurin) - King Ludwik,

M. Karim "Prometheus" (director N. Zhakypbaev) - Prometheus,

Sh.Murtaza "Moon and Aisha" (director Tungyshbayal-Tarazi) - Mamai,

O. Bukeev "Snow Girl" (director Zh. Zhumanbay) - Konkay Shal,

A.Kunanbayuly "Kara" (dir. Zh.Zhumanbay) – 1st man.

Performances in the theater:

K. Gozzi "Princess Turandot",

M. Gaparov "Salty Desert",

Shakhimarden "Tomiris"

K. Isaac, Shakhimarden "Kazakhs",

U. Gadzhibekov "Arshin mal alan",

West Kazakhstan regional theater "Wedding of Bonaparte" D. Isabekov,

M. Auezov "Aiman-Sholpan",

A. Vampilov "Provincial stories",

K. God "The Hostess of the Hotel",

W. Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliet"

Lope de Vega "Dog in the Manger"

N. Hikmet "Farhad and Shirin",

W. Shakespeare "Hamlet"

T. Akhtanov "Oath"

Sh. Murtaza "Moon and Aisha".


"Rumbles of the Steppe", "The Life and Death of Ferdinand Luce", "Blood and Sweat", "Messengers in a hurry", "Impossible children", "For no apparent reason", "Last crossing", "Melon",“Beauty in mourning”, “Her dombra sound was true”, “Autumn winding roads”, “Conflict”, “My sister Lucy”, “At the Dzungars pass”, “Victims have no claims”, “Son-in-law from the province”, “ The Tale of the Beautiful Aisulu”, “Tiger of the Snows”, “Little Man in the Big War”, “The Death of Otrar”, “Opium”, “Abulkhair Khan”, “Oh, fate unfortunate children”, “Honor”, ​​“Abay”, “ Waiting”, “Sardar”, “Nomad”, “Alexander. Battle of the Neva”, “Lost”, “Uranium Typhoon”, “Virtual Love”, “Myn Bala Army”, “Tokal”, etc.


Role: Konkay Shal
Producer: Zh. Zhumanbay
Author: O. Bokeev, laureate of the State Prize of Kazakhstan
Producer: A. Kakisheva
Author: M. Omarova
Role: Mamai
Producer: Tungyshbay al-Tarazi, National Artist of Kazakhstan
Author: The author of the drama based on the works of the writer Sherkhan Murtaza "Moon and Aisha" and "Front without weapons" is Y. Zhuasbek
Producer: Tungyshbay al - Tarazi
Author: Shahimarden