About the event

The performance based on the works of the writer Sherkhan Murtaza "Moon and Aisha" and "Front Without Weapons", written by playwright Yerkin Zhuasbek, was staged on the stage of the Kazakh State Academic Theater named after M. Auezov on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

         All the hardships of the merciless war were endured by the people who lived in the villages, who were in the rear - among them was the family of Murtaza, who became an "enemy of the people", who died in exile, who left behind his three children in Aisha's trust. In this destructive war, enduring hunger, hopelessness, together with the villagers, Aisha is fighting with all her might to save the life of her family. The performance describes not only the fate of one Aisha, it is a collective image of the whole people. The unfading spirit of the people, the desire for victory, in spite of everything, is a life-affirming goal. The performance is a worship to all Mothers and children, wise elders and respectable women, for their valiant, selfless work, not sparing themselves, who worked in the rear in the name of victory, for life, for the continuation of the family.

2 hours 15 minutes
Big hall
The author of the drama based on the works of the writer Sherkhan Murtaza "Moon and Aisha" and "Front without weapons" is Y. Zhuasbek
Tungyshbay al-Tarazi, National Artist of Kazakhstan