About the event

The plot line of the play "The Right Hand" by the writer T. Abdyk focuses on the relationship between man and society. People of different destinies show their dreams, sorrows, joys. You are trying to realize and weigh the realities of time, the deliverance of time from the everyday life of ordinary people. The protagonist of the performance "The Right Hand" is Alma, who describes in detail the ongoing process, fear and horror, the struggle between life and death, excitement. The betrayal of the right hand, which tries to strangle her as soon as she falls asleep, is a modern assessment of the fight against hereditarily dangerous diseases, with the consequences of the mistakes of our ancestors. In general, the writer philosophically analyzes the large-scale conflicts of our time, showing the psychological nature of everyday life.

1 hour 10 minutes
Small hall
T. Abdyk
A. Sharipov